Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Surrogate Shopper

For the past 4 years, my sister, Sandra, who lives in Katy, Texas, has been the first one in the door for Bonnie Blue's annual warehouse sale. That in itself isn't remarkable, but what is, is that she's not a quilter and she's not buying for herself. She goes as my "surrogate" shopper. I give her my budget and she shops away! One year she used her cell phone while I was online looking at BB's website and choosing what she should buy for me. The gals at BB get a kick out of it and recognize her when she comes in. My favorites are the scrap grab bags. They are stuffed with yummidy fabrics of various sizes  and never fail to delight. This year was the best ever! She even bought for my friend, Kayla. She leaves the warehouse and goes right to the UPS store and ships it right away. The UPS truck delivered it yesterday and we opened it up today because we couldn't get together last night. It took great will power on my part not to look through it before she could be here. It was like Christmas came early! We each got 5 grab bags and we dumped them all out and sorted through them. Out of all that fabric there was only a handful of prints I already have. The "scraps" are anywhere from 3" strips to 12" squares and almost quarter yard cuts. Now we just have to decide what we'll make from these goodies!

                              This is only my share of the loot! These piles are 10-12 fabrics deep.

I reeeeally needed more fabric, no, really, I did....I'll let you know what I sew from these piles. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Keep stitching,


  1. Hi Becky! I'm glad you are enjoying yourself!!!! Blogging definitely can be addicting! I understand your addiction to fabric. Mine started out fabric, then switched to Paper and now finally because of my career... digital goodies. But I always love to touch and feel wonderful fabrics. Enjoy yours!!!

  2. Beautiful blog, Becky! Will talk to Karen soon! She makes gorgeous designs!