Sunday, January 9, 2011

Another deadline met!

    Don't you just love it when you actually meet a deadline or achieve a goal you set for yourself? I wouldn't say I'm a procrastinator, BUT I do seem to take things right down to the wire getting things done. I just seem to always have a dozen projects going at once and I get more motivated when I'm about to run out of time. I mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted to get the quilt, Poison Crazy done and shipped in time for my niece, Melissa's birthday. I stayed up till 1AM Saturday morning sewing on the label and binding so I could ship it to Maine on Saturday. See, right down to the wire again! It's always such a good feeling to finish a quilt and  even better to give one away. I don't know why I put off those final steps to finish so I can feel good more often. My only defense is , I HATE to do the binding, every stitch of that process is a pain to me. I would rather quilt a whole other quilt than sew the binding on one quilt. Some people hate to cut out a quilt and some (really strange) people hate to do the hand-quilting!!! Just kidding, to each their own, I say. We all have our favorite parts to making a quilt and as long as we're making quilts, who cares? I love to hand-quilt and can't wait to get a top pieced so I can get to that stage. Some quilters love the piecing process, but hate to quilt and pay someone else to quilt the finished top. That's something I love about quilters. We're all so different but so alike in our love of quilts.

    Isn't it fun how when we attend a big quilt show or go to a quilt shop and meet a total stranger and yet "feel" like you know them and they are a "friend" just because they're a quilter? I've met quilters at shops or quilt events and felt an instant kinship with them, but because they live in another state or even another country, chances are I won't ever see them again, but I'll never forget them. Quilting is a sisterhood that non-quilters can't understand. I'm just incredibly happy to be a part of it. One thing about this sisterhood is there's always room for another sister or two or three or... We love to share our passion for quilting and encourage new people to learn to quilt. I really can't imagine NOT quilting. Quilting (in some form) fills my spare moments when I'm not working and still awake. What do people do with all their free time if they don't quilt? Do some people actually watch commercials?! That's when I jump up and run into my sewing room to sew a quilt block. I can get at least 4-6 blocks done in an evening by sewing only during commercials. My husband still doesn't understand that I can watch TV while sitting and quilting at the quilt frame. I feel guilty if I only sit and watch TV. I think, I've wasted valuable time when I could have accomplished something instead. Do you feel that way too or am I really weird? I know what my husband would say if he read this of course! He convinced me to "watch" 2 movies with him yesterday, because I had put a new quilt in the frame facing the big screen and I knew I'd have 4 hours of uninterrupted quilting time. He was happy to have the company and I was happy too!

   I'm sharing pictures of Poison Crazy with you. I'm usually terrible about remembering to take pictures of my quilts before I give them away. Having a blog now helps me to remember. Thanks for stopping by!

Keep stitching!

This is Poison Crazy sewn of Civil War reproduction fabrics in poison green and navy, crazy-pieced style.

                                                                  View of the entire quilt.

I always sew a detailed label on the back of my quilts. I wish the quilt-makers of  the quilts in my collection had made labels for theirs.

                                             An old pie safe storing many of my antique quilts.

                                          An old red ladder holds some of my antique quilt tops.

                                      A red and green pieced and applique block from the 1850's.
    A Little Jo quilt I made a few years ago. I love to use poison green and cinnamon pink together!


  1. The pictures don't do my new beautiful poison green quilt justcie - it's gorgeous! I hope that Aunt Bec posts a picture or two I sent with the quilt on my bed. It's the "missing link" to my bedroom - which now looks much more complete. Thanks, Aunt Bec - it's fabulous!

  2. Wow, Aunt Bec! I absolutely love this quilt. Gorgeous use of color and so artistically arranged, crazy intentions or no. :-)