Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saturday Musings

     Ahhhh, it's Saturday, that blessed beautiful day of the week that every person who works  (outside the home) dreams about all week. My dreams always include something to do with quilting. Either I plan to piece a quilt, cut fabrics for a quilt, quilt on a quilt, or a road trip to a quilt shop or two. That's my perfect Saturday. Does perfect ever happen...not usually. Reality sets in when I wake up around 8AM as I finally have time to notice things around the house. The laundry hamper is overflowing, there's a basket full of towels that didn't get folded ( from last Sunday, really? Yes, really), I really should pick up a few things, tidy the recycling bins a bit, maybe dust and sweep and vacuum, take the time to pay a few bills, check my emails and orders, empty the dishwasher, load the dishwasher, and on and on. Ok, by about 11:30 AM, I may have the chance to sit at the sewing machine and piece. No, wait, is that my cell phone ringing?#*$@! Where did I leave my cell phone?! Now it's 12:03 PM and I'm off the phone (it was my Mom and I couldn't cut her short) now I'll get to sew. My Bernina is humming along nicely for 5 or 6 minutes when my husband comes up from his man cave and asks innocently enough, " Hey, what were you planning on having for lunch?" The urge to strangle him fleetingly crosses my mind, but instead I say, "I wasn't planning on eating lunch, but I can get you something." If I'm lucky he helps himself to something in the fridge and I stay nestled in my sewing room. Then I have a part time job to do at some point in the afternoon. I drive a parts truck for a local car dealership M-Th evenings and Saturday afternoon. It usually takes 1 1/2 - 2 hours. I've had it for 9 years and it provides me with the money to support my quilting and gardening addiction, er, I mean hobbies. So my real Saturday of relaxed sewing time usually doesn't start till around 3 or 4PM. It doesn't stop me from dreaming each week, however, that this Saturday will be my dream day of nonstop quilter's Heaven. Today I was able to piece 2 complete quilt blocks before noon! I'm sure that was only because my husband had an eye appointment and was gone for over 2 hours AND my phone didn't ring even once.
   Speaking of my husband got me to thinking of the old saying, "opposites attract."  It couldn't be more true than in the case of Randy and me. We are polar opposites in almost every way. He's tall and I'm short. He's athletic. He's an avid bicyclist. He rides on RAGBRAI, Ride the Rockies, RAIN (one day to ride across Indiana), and lots of other century rides (100 miles). He isn't a fair weather rider either. He goes on an annual New Year's Day ride and one called the BRR ride the first Saturday in February each year. Up until a few years ago he played on adult basketball leagues and volleyball leagues as well. The only athletic thing about me is my thimble finger. I keep it limber. My idea of a good workout is a day spent shop hopping hustling  to beat other quilters to the best fabrics. From the looks of my stash, I'd say I'm in good form. Randy is also adventurous in his eating. He loves Chinese food, Mexican food, spicy food. He will try anything and says, "Unless it kills me, what have I got to lose?" I am a farmer's daughter. I'm a meat and potatoes girl. I say, "Why try something new? I know what is good. I'll eat that." Basically, I don't eat anything that ends with the letters "ese." My idea of adventures in eating is Italian, but only pizza, spaghetti, and lasagna. Randy doesn't like to read. For the past couple years he's been listening to audio books and says he's a reader now. I call him a listener. I work as a para-librarian for a reason. I LOVE books and LOVE to read books. I love to buy new books  and have shelves full of them at home. Our TV viewing is a challenge as well. He watches action dramas and sitcoms. I watch History channel, IPTV, and HGTV almost exclusively. Luckily we have a TV for each of us so we don't have to argue about what to watch. Our one main bone of contention is our ideas of free time. Randy likes to go, go, go and always makes plans for his days off which except for biking usually include my participation. My idea of free time is staying home and quilting or in summer tending my flower garden. I make good use of every third Saturday (he works) and all those weekends and days he goes  on bike trips. We do know how to reconcile our differences. I wanted a personalized license plate to reflect my love of quilting. He thought it was a waste of money (and he didn't want people to think he quilted if he happened to be the one driving it at the time.) Wellll,  he finally relented when he joined Iowa Bicycling Coalition and found out you could get license plates with a bicyclist on it with the caption "Share the Road." He said ," Hey, you can get any letters you want if we get that plate." Now my bicycling license plate is IQLT2. Thank you, Iowa Bicycling Coalition! There are other examples of our differences, but I think you have the idea. You might wonder what we have in common or why we even got married. Well, I liked that he was tall and athletic when we met. I like to watch basketball and he was really good at it. We met in an adult Sunday School class. We both were Christians and wanted a Christian spouse. We both loved moving water as in rivers, creeks, waterfalls, etc. We used to live in a house with a creek on one side of the property. After a heavy rain it would become quite turbulent. We would go out even late at night with flashlights to watch in roll and churn as the creek made a turn and went under a highway bridge. I liked that he had traveled. His family always took trips on vacation every year. My family never did. Since being married we have taken a lot of vacations, as we could afford them. We both love the Smokie Mountains and go there as often as we can. Of course, he loves to hike in them, I just love to see them. Oh, well, regardless of our differences, it seems to work for us. He bikes, I quilt, and we're happy that way.  

  I promise my next blog will be more on topic! Keep stitching,


  1. Glad you have a schedule and can keep to it. Didn't know that about you and Ragbri close to your home this year? Do you ever go with him on these trips, think it would be a good time to go and see all the wonderful quilt shops...and you have plenty of hand work you could do...I'm back to work but ankle is still healing. I'm hard at work on the bottom panel, have one of those trees done and just a little of the second tree done. It is the panel shown on the blog site header. I have cut out the cow and bull but plan on cutting out the other animals today. So keep busy sewing.

  2. Julee, No, I don't go with him. That brings up another difference I forgot. He likes to camp/I don't. My idea of camping is sleeping on the couch. Those bike trips always include sleeping bags and tents. It's not for me! One year I did drive Randy and 4 others to Sioux Center, Iowa and dropped them off for the start of RAGBRAI. I drove an empty van home and stopped at quilt shops along the way. Great progress on your applique. Can't wait to see it.