Sunday, January 23, 2011

What a week!

  This week was a surprise. We were supposed to have semester tests all day Monday and Tuesday at the high school. Mother Nature had other plans. Some freezing drizzle followed by snow overnight on Sunday rewarded us with a snow day! In my vocabulary that translates as a quilt day! And that's exactly what I did, or I pieced all day and quilted at the frame all evening. There were leftovers from Sunday's dinner so I didn't even have to cook. What a blissful day it was. Now, I wouldn't want my high school principal or our supt. of schools to think I look forward to snow days like the kids do...that would be too immature of course. I merely make good use of my time and if I'm not able to work (darn it!) then I might as well quilt and if I happen to enjoy it at the same time, wellll.... If you know either of these gentlemen, don't say anything. It'll just be a secret between us, ok?

   I  didn't have the "crazies" out of my system yet so I dug out some "romance" fabrics I collected a few years ago and started making crazy blocks out of them. I made 29 blocks on Monday. Let's just say I was inspired by those rosy florals. I even tried to make some "free style" cottage blocks. That was fun, so I made some more. Now the intended quilt has a theme. I have a niece in sunny California who lives in a cozy California cottage who needs this quilt and so it will be called, "Cozy Cottages" even though it will have only a few blocks with cottages among the other crazy blocks. As of today, I've made 53 of the needed 72 blocks. I'm a little obsessive compulsive when I get started on a new project  as you can tell. Here are some pictures of the blocks.

                                                              I went a little crazy!

                                                                            A closer look.

                                                                            Cozy cottages.

 I'm enjoying  a little time at the quilt frame. The quilt is Reap the Whirlwind, one of my patterns for Orphans of War. I quilted some every night this week and have rolled the quilt several times. I'm  almost ready to begin quilting on the third row of blocks. There are six rows with five blocks in each row. This quilt will be my travel sample for this pattern.

                                                                A closer look at the quilting.

                                                                    And closer still.

                        Hours later and I'm still at it! And yes, that is a jumbo bag of M&M's behind me! A quilter needs a little nourishment to keep going, you know.

  On Tuesday night Kayla called and asked to stop by to show me something. OMG!!! She had a lot to show me. She had a goodie bag full of projects she'd been working on and a top her daughter, Ashley, had made completely from scraps I had given her. I call myself her fairy quilt-mother. When I was her age and teaching myself to quilt, I wish I had known a mature quilter who could have shared her talent and scraps with me, so I share with her. NOT that she needs my help with quilting! Ashley has quilted since she was 9 (I believe) and is very good at it. She has made piles of quilts (she's only just turned 21) and they are all beautiful. She loves scrappy quilts and I go through a lot of fabric and end up with a ton of scraps. It's fun to give them to her and see what she creates with them. I told Kayla it was like a mini quilt show and asked if I could take pictures of them for my blog. She was too shy to pose with the quilts. Here they are for you to see. Aren't they gorgeous?

                   Kayla's quilt show. One finished, one quilted needing to be bound, one pin-basted ready to quilt,  and 2 tops only.

The darker "Nine-Patch" in the back left side is Ashley's. It's full-size and should have had a full-view picture to do it justice.

   Our district had a Teacher Work Day on Friday so I didn't have to work! Guess what I did! Well, of course, there was a road trip first to a couple of quilt shops with another friend, Jane. After some hearty shopping we returned to her house to see her current projects. I wish I had remembered to take my camera. She had some real beauties to show me. Her husband is retired from the Air Force and they spent 14 or so years in Europe so her quilts have a distinct flavor. She worries  that they look busy, but I think they are rich and lush, very "English Cottage." Jane's favorite is William Morris fabrics and she has a nice collection of them, many bought while stationed in England. I'll see if I can't convince her to let me snag a few photos of her quilts for a future posting. After a light lunch at Jane's I came home and cut new fabrics to piece more crazy blocks. I woke up Saturday and spent the morning piecing even more.

   My son, Isaah, is home for the weekend. I made a big pan of  lasagna with garlic toast, Isaah's favorite, for dinner. He and my husband, Randy, are downstairs watching the "big" football game, something about who will go to the Super Bowl, I think. They came upstairs long enough to fill their plates and it's the last I've seen of them. I promised to join them after I blog only because my quilt frame is down there and I can spend the rest of the day and night quilting undisturbed . I don't understand football, but I can pretend to enjoy it while quilting. It will be the perfect ending to a week full of quilting. I'm off to the quilt frame!

  Keep stitching!


  1. Wait a minute, wait a minute--I'm a niece who lives in a cozy cottage in sunny California. And I'm the only one, right? You don't have another niece who lives in a cozy cottage in sunny California, do you? Please confirm soon so I don't get my hopes up that this beautiful quilt will be wending it's way to my house in another few months! :-)

    As I sit here typing this comment on what will probably turn out to be a 70 degree day--my black and purple sage starting to bloom, my ceanothus shrubs blooming their purple hearts out, my orange and yellow poppies in bud by the thousands with a few already shyly opening their colorful petals to the sun--I can't help but envy you your winter weather. Seriously! Not that we don't get weather here on the coast--I like nothing better than our cool, gray, foggy days--but what is cozier than picturing you snug in your snow-bound home, happily quilting away, with green tea at hand and hours and hours to enjoy what you are passionate about? You make me wish I was a quilter!

    As always, I enjoyed your latest blog and so love to see photos of your work and the work of your friends and fellow quilters. You are helping to educate my eye.

  2. Darn! I guess I ruined the surprise, huh? Yes, Michele, it's for you and/or Ada. I'm glad you like it. Some day soon your mailman will deliver a nice little package from me in (brrrr), frigid Iowa!

  3. You sound like a mad woman on a mission....LOL. I fell on the ice last wednesday, didn't break ankle just bad sprang, so I have gotten lots of applique done this week. Love not going to work...much rather be home sewing like know our jobs get in the way of our sewing ??? but I guess jobs keep us in spending money. Enjoyed reading your blog...look forward to next blog...Julee

  4. Julee, OUCH! Sorry about your ankle. Happy you get to applique your little heart out though! I know you're enjoying that. Good thing it wasn't your wrist!!! I'll be checking for a new post from you on Glorious Applique blog.

  5. All I need to do is to sew on 4 more circles and the birdnest with 3 eggs and iron it, then it will be ready to post. Will let you know.