Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Busy in a Blizzard

   Last Tuesday, February 1st, a blizzard hit the Mid West with a vengeance. Our area got 14" of snow on top of freezing rain and sleet, followed by 30-60 mph winds. We had 3 snow days as a result. I think I have to take some responsibility for this, because the Friday before I had made the statement to the students in the library that I was sure we were done with snow days. That's what I get for trying to predict the future. Ok Lord, I got the message. I'm NOT a prophet.
   I wasn't about to let all that free time go to waste. I sewed, cut, and quilted every waking minute of those 3 days. I usually can quilt the entire surface of the quilt on my frame and roll it in a week. Last week I rolled it 4 times! Yippee, I'm way ahead of schedule. I also sewed half of a quilt top together and pieced blocks for the mystery quilt we're doing at the Breakfast Club at Inspirations. I really don't want or expect anymore snow days, but if they happen I'm prepared with projects that need finishing.
   I was so enthused with quilting that I didn't blog over the weekend. Civil War facts for the first part of February are: Feb. 1- Texas seceded; Feb. 2, Lincoln wrote the first draft of his Inaugural speech; Feb. 4, the seceded states meet in Montgomery, Alabama to form a government; Feb. 7, the Choctaw Nation declares support for the seceding states, and Feb. 8, the Provisional Confederate Congress adopts a constitution.
   This week's pictures are of children during the Civil War.

 This little cutie is only labeled on the back as "child w/t hand on book. Very stylish dress, probably from well to do family. Photo was taken by Benjamin Shoemaker, a traveling photographer.

     This charming 8 year old is Miss Josephine Riddle of New Orleans. She's dressed for a special occasion and noticed the folded fan in her hand. Don't you love her pantaloons peeking from under her dress?

    These next pictures are of  the quilt I made for my niece, Melissa, called Poison Crazy. She didn't think the pictures I posted were as good as the ones she took with the quilt in her bedroom. I haven't posted them before now because it took me this long to figure out how to get them from her email to my computer in a file that I could find them and copy them here!!!. Computers keep me humble! Every time I think I know how to do something on them, they show me how little I really know. Anyway, here they are at last.


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  1. Just loved our snow days ! I also got alot done in those 2 days. Had to work on Friday...Getting closer to having my bottom panel done on Roseville Album.
    Keep busy, as I know you will.