Sunday, March 27, 2011

   After having a couple days where the temperature reached 70 degrees, the return of the cold and damp weather seemed especially cruel. I tend to take weather personally and I've felt picked-on all this week. I can take the cold temperature (which means below 70d.) as long as the sun is shining. I need sunshine. Sunshine makes me happy. : ) If there are more than 2 or 3 days of cloudy, I'm in trouble! Cloudy makes me sad. : ( I can tolerate long as it snows on Christmas Eve and melts on the 26th. It's ok to snow anywhere anytime outside of SE Iowa, like at sky resorts for instance. I don't want to take away their fun. Let the snow fall there as long as I'm not there when it does. I do better in warm weather. I can stand the heat, as long as I'm working in my flower garden and don't care how sweaty and dirty I get. It's just all the other times when I'm dressed up or want to look presentable that I don't like hot weather. My husband says I have a comfort zone of 75d. to 80d. That is way off! I can tolerate 70d. to 85d. easily! I'm not hard to please, really. I love thunderstorms and lightning for instance. I just don't want too much rain. I pray the farmers get all the rain they want, but in town, we really only need enough to keep the grass green.  Unfortunately, I don't always get the weather I want...sunny, not too hot, not too cold, no rain or snow except as I mentioned before when necessary. I've learned to deal with it, like it or not. My remedy for inclement weather is to stay indoors and quilt with the heat cranked up or the AC on, whichever is required at the time. Of course that's my remedy for pretty much everything unpleasant and it always makes me feel better. See, I'm not hard to please, as long as I'm comfortable. :)
    I quilted a lot this week. I finished the mystery quilt we're all making for the Breakfast Club at Inspirations. It's quilted and bound.
   I made the smallest version, since I really need to be working on my trunk show quilts instead. Mine is made from Civil War fabrics in reds and browns. There were some beautiful blocks made by other ladies in different color choices at show 'n' tell last Saturday. Can't wait to see all of them finished.

   I backed mine with a Civil War toile by Jodi Barrows for Square Textiles. I bought it a long time ago and am glad I found a way to use it at last.

   I finished the top, "Cozy Cottages" this week too. I can't show a picture of it because my niece who's receiving it reads my blog! I'll post a picture when it's quilted and at it's new home in sunny California. As usual, I got carried away and made too many blocks so I put them to use. I made a baby quilt with them. By the time it's quilted someone will surely need a baby quilt. It will have to be a girl though. The pastels and rose covered prints would make any Daddy shy from wrapping a son in this quilt.

   Here's one last picture. I can't help but shop after Breakfast Club. I was delighted to see that Nancy had the full line of Judy Rothermel's Bancroft Collection. Online pictures of these fabrics don't do them justice. They are gorgeous. Naturally, I had to purchase the fat quarter bundle. I can fondle them while I decide on which ones I have to buy yardage of.

   As the last rays of glorious sunshine are falling outside my sewing room windows, I'll say goodbye for now. I hope your week is full of quilting and good weather!

Keep stitching, Becky


  1. I really like your header design. So fitting for your blog name.

  2. Ooooh! Thanks for the sneak peek of the quilt you made for my family! Now that I know the color story I can ponder where it will look best in my home. I'm thinking Ada's room as she has happy yellow walls and lots of sun...although, then again, the quilt might clash with all the Big Time Rush and iCarly posters she's torn out of magazines and decorated her walls with. Gosh, maybe it will have to end up in MY room! ;-P