Saturday, March 12, 2011

March Madness

   This has been a week of quilting, basketball, and little sleep. Our Mt. Pleasant Panthers boy's basketball team were in the state tournament. They played Wednesday at noon (no school) and won in a very close game. I drove to Des Moines with 2 friends from school (2 1/2 hours each way) to cheer them on. The next game for us was Thursday night at 8:30 PM. My husband drove a friend and I there for that one. Our boys lost that game by one point in overtime, a heartbreaker that knocked them out of championship play. We got home at 1 AM. We were blessed with fog in the morning and school was delayed 2 hours!  Most of the staff were sleep deprived and glad it was Friday. Luckily, the students were just as tired and were easy to control. Today my husband and I rode a bus to the consolation game. The HyVee food store in Mt. Pleasant sponsored 2 buses full of fans to see our team play for 3rd place. Way to go HyVee! The Panthers won 56 to 42! Most of the people on our bus dozed on the way home.
   Even with work and March Madness basketball competing for my time, I still made time for quilting. I finished quilting Reap the Whirlwind last weekend. I made  the binding on Monday night and sewed it on Tuesday and Thursday night. Reap the Whirlwind is #009 in my Orphans of War Civil War reproduction line of patterns. The quilt pictured on the front cover of the pattern was machine-quilted by Ellen Bloomberg of Ellen's Quilting Corner, West Burlington, IA. This allowed me to get the pattern on the market sooner. I like to hand-quilt  my own quilt of each pattern  to use in my display when I give my presentations. I'm working on another set in smaller dimensions to use for a trunk show in the future. These would be easier to pack and ship, not to mention less expensive to ship.

    Reap the Whirlwind #009; see all my patterns on: or at quilt shops across the country. If they don't carry them, please ask them too!

                                                              A closer look at the quilting.

This pattern also includes a bonus paper-pieced version for a mini sized quilt 24" square. It's a great way to use up your small scraps.

    I had new publicity photographs taken this past week for my new brochures. The weather and all the illnesses going around town delayed the photo shoot, but the photographer, Miranda Marlow, and I were finally able to schedule a time to meet. The director of the Harlan/Lincoln House at Iowa Wesleyan College here in Mt. Pleasant was gracious enough to let us use their historic building for the setting of my photos. The home belonged to Robert Todd Lincoln, eldest son of our 16th president, and his wife, Mary (Harlan), a native of Mt. Pleasant. It is available for tours and is of interest to Civil War enthusiasts and  fans of Abraham Lincoln as well. The house was a perfect backdrop for my quilts and costume I wear when I give  my presentations. I'm excited to be presenting as far away as Salem, Massachusetts and Windham, Maine this summer. Sloan's Printing did a good job on my old brochures, but they didn't have pictures and were a single page. My new ones will be bigger, better and give more information on my presentations, trunk show, and workshops available.

I'm pictured here with a quilt from my collection that was made by a Union soldier who was injured at the Battle of Stones River, Dec.31, 1862.

               Here I am with a couple of my reproduction quilts in the parlor at the Harlan/Lincoln House. Don't I look like I belong in that house?...I wish!

Keep stitching!


  1. I love the costume, Aunt Bec, and definitely agree that you belong in that house. Perfection! What a fantastic and fitting location for your publicity photos.

  2. Love that brown quilt with your costume.

  3. Hi Becky,
    I'd never seen these photos of you in your Civil War dress! They are so cool! You look like you came right out of the 19th century! Kimber