Monday, May 9, 2011

Blocks Galore!

   When I spoke at the Linda Showman Benefit at Inspirations April 30th, a lovely lady gave me a large Ziploc tote of goodies. I've misplaced her card so I can't name her here. If she reads this, "Thank you again!" The tote was full of vintage 30's-40's fabrics and lots of quilt blocks to add to my collection of antique blocks. I'm showing pictures of a few. Some were too large to scan on my scanner. There were whole sets of some of the patterns, like Dresden Plate in varied designs and sizes, Double Wedding Ring, and Ohio Star. She said she needs to thin out her sewing room. I'm a very lucky lady to be the recipient of such treasure.

                                             One of the wedges for a Double Wedding Ring.

This is the smallest size of the multiple sets of Dresden Plate blocks, 9". Some were.for 15" blocks.

These cute little "4-Patches" are 3 3/4" square. There was a whole bag full of pieces to make more of these.

This tree block was a single, but I love it! There is more background fabric beyond the tree that wouldn't fit on my scanner. It's a 12" block and amazingly, each piece is appliqued! I've never seen this pattern appliqued.

This little cutey is another single block and my favorite! It's also the oldest, easily 1860's. It's a new pattern to me. Anyone recognize it?

 This is a 4" paper-pieced block I made. It's called "Granny's Fancy Basket Handle". Sharon Meadowcroft shared this pattern with me along with another 4" paper-pieced basket that I haven't made yet. I'm going to make 3 of each in pinks and browns for a doll quilt.

  That's all for now. Keep stitching!


  1. Sweet blocks and very generous of her!!

  2. What fun blocks. Very interesting piecing.
    Love your sewing room and work space.