Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Book Work!

   Inspiration is coming fast and furious. I've learned when it hits me, I have to run with it or lose it. I've been known to jump out of bed in the wee hours and sketch a block or write a story idea before it fades from my mind after a few hours sleep. If I'm driving and an idea forms, I pull over to the shoulder and write on whatever scrap of paper I can find, even a receipt or napkin. Once it's captured on paper, I can't wait to hit my fabric stash and put rotary cutter in motion. I've been out of school for 2 weeks and I've made two quilt tops for the Love and Valor book so far, one is at the quilter's, Kym Ward, who is a fabulous machine quilter. She has agreed to quilt all the quilts for the book. I can't hand-quilt them or the book wouldn't be done for 2-3 years! I started on the third quilt this afternoon. I made a sample block in two sizes, settling on the smaller of the two, and added a pieced border  to test the pattern idea. It's a baby quilt, so it won't take me long to sew it. I'd like to have most, if not all, the quilts sewn by the time school starts on August 18th. Am I crazy?!

        A sneak peak at my works in progress. Pieces laid out and iron hot, ready for action.

I use a graph sketch book to draw my first drafts of pattern ideas and jot down measurements as I cut and sew. Sample blocks made and hung for inspiration.

These are the fabrics I'm using in the baby quilt. When Jacob Ritner left for the war, he and Emeline had an infant daughter that had not been named. She was several months old before they decided to name her Kitty. This is a baby quilt for baby Kitty. The blue star fabric to honor her father off fighting for the Union, is an old Marcus Bros. print that was produced in 1987. This was before they started labeling prints as reproductions.

   I'm speaking in Bloomfield, IA tomorrow night for the Threads of Friendship Quilt Guild. I packed my car tonight, because I have to take my Mom shopping for a lift chair tomorrow morning (an hour and a half trip each way)and get home in time for my haircut at 1 PM and leave for Bloomfield by 3:30 PM. It will be a longgg day as I won't get home till around midnight. Whew! I'm wore out already just thinking about it. Then Friday I'm going on a weekend road trip with a friend to visit quilt shops in NW Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. Yippee! I'm sure I'll return with lots of purchases and new ideas. I plan to take my camera this time!!!

Keep Stitching!

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  1. Sounds so exciting and a lot of work. Hope you reach your goal!