Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Day 2 of Wisconsin Road Trip

  There are some very vociferous birds outside the window at Ashley's apartment. They were in full concert mode by 4 AM Saturday morning. Kayla and I tried our best to sleep through the concert, but gave up and got up by 6:30 AM. Ashley joined us for Day 2's adventure. We headed for Beloit, Wisconsin for our first stop at Attic Quilts. It's a nice little shop with a good variety of fabrics, including some repros, but ones I already have. The ladies there were nice enough to point us in a new direction. They asked if we were going to Rockford, IL next. Well, no, but what's there? According to them, the shop of our dreams, Quilter's General Store, full to the rafters with Civil War repros! Yea, we got in the car and sped towards Rockford. Literally, Kayla had to set the cruise control so we wouldn't be stopped for speeding! OMG!!! I knew I was in trouble the minute we pulled into the driveway. It's in a 1875 farm house and HUGE is an understatement. It was love at first sight for us. The outbuildings, fence, and yard were manicured and invited us onward towards the house/shop. One step in the door told us we were in quilter's Heaven. Everywhere we looked, there were gorgeous fabrics and samples set in the homey atmosphere of this beautiful old house. I could have spent the whole day there or, actually, moved in! We did some major retail damage there and I don't regret a penny of it. That's right, so don't try to guilt trip me, it won't work. :-)

                                                     Here we go...

                                                             Lots of samples in the kitchen.

                                             Everything but the kitchen sink...in the kitchen sink!

                                                                  In the cutting room.

                                                              Don't forget to go upstairs!

This is a quilt made with Jeanne Horton's cheater fabric! You have to touch it to be convinced it's not all pieced.

  Here's my bounty from Quilter's general Store! Yes, that's a BOLT of fabric...it will be my next Civil War dress.
    Quilter's General Store now carries my Orphans of War patterns. It was hard to leave there, but then we were on to Janesville, Wisconsin, where we were originally going before the Rockford detour, But NOT regretted. We didn't think we could top this shop, but then we pulled into the drive of the 1863 house that is the shop, Life's A Stitch! Oh, this was gonna be good!

                                                                  Welcome to Life's A Stitch!

                                                                            Lots of goodies.

                                                             Just look at this classroom!


                                                       Pinch me, I'm dreaming, right?!
Behind the cutting table.

My purchases from Life's A Stitch.

   We weren't done yet, not by a long shot! We were on the road again, off to Sun Prairie and JJ Stitches! We made one important stop on the way...

The largest Culvers in the world!!! at Newville, Wisconsin. Here's Kayla and Ashley waiting patiently for me to take a picture before we had our caramel cashew sundaes...YUM! Hey, don't judge, a girl's gotta keep her energy up!

   After  we were energized we got to JJ Stitches with time to spare. And we spent plenty of it there ($$ too!)
The owner of JJ Stitches was working the shop alone and  waited on us. There is a lot of WOW packed in a medium sized shop. You want to take your time and not miss a thing and have a well stocked wallet with you.

                                                                     A tease at the entrance.

                                                                  And in the front window.

                                                      Oh, yea, this is what I'm talking about.

   A look back towards the front. These ladies were so busy shopping, they didn't notice I took their picture.

                                                                               And more...

                        Jean helping us with our purchases. Don't you love the quilt behind her?

                                                  Here's what I HAD to have from JJ Stitches...
  We headed back to Dodgeville with happy hearts, lighter wallets, and empty stomaches. Shop hopping works up an appetite! We ate Kaylas yummy beef burgers, green beans, chips, and fresh fruit. Then we had to have show 'n' tell before getting to the local Culvers before it closed. Yep, twice in one day!

  Lucky for us, Country Sampler in Spring Green , WI, is open on Sunday, 1-4 PM. We got there and found a street festival going on. The place was really hopping. It's a wonderful shop, but was so crowded I couldn't take pictures. You'll have to take my word for it...you WANT to go there.

   My must haves from Country Sampler, 3 yard cuts. I was just there a couple weeks ago, so I could control myself a little. 

   Before leaving, the owner, Jeanne Horton, and I wrote up a contract for me to give a presentation to the new Civil War club she is planning. The date hasn't been set yet. I'll post it when it is decided. The other shops we visited expressed interest in my presentations too, so expect to hear about future trips there soon.

Keep Stitching,


  1. Okay Becky...here's the deal...next road trip...you need to take me as a chaperon! I'm not sure if you and Kayla can be trusted in all those fabulous quilt shops. Tee-hee. Surely I don't have an alternative motive offering my services?!!

    Okay, if that plea didn't work, I may have to resort to my toddler level tantrum. Not a pretty site from a fiftyish woman!! :)


  2. What absolutely amazing shops. Great purchases! Sounds like a blast!

  3. Enjoyed your travel postings as our quilt history study group (Liberty Ladies) took basically the same route in early May - glad to see the shops had recovered from the fourteen of us & were ready to welcome you- alll are great places!

    Pat - another Wisconsin quilter

  4. What great shops!! Wish I had been in your suitcase. Of all the fabrics you purchased, I had only seen one before. Lucky gals!

  5. Wow wonderful shops!!!! I wished I would have been able to go. Love all of your fun purchases!

    Happy 4th of July, Carolyn :)