Thursday, July 7, 2011

Busy Me!

  I haven't posted for a few days, sorry. I've been working overtime on quilts for the Love and Valor book. I "farmed out" the pieced blocks for the "Ritner Family Album" quilt top to a couple of good friends who want to help get this book done sooner rather than later. I did say, GOOD FRIENDS, right?! I'm currently piecing the Love and Valor quilt. I plan to finish it late tonight. I've designed a total of 11 patterns for the book so far. I woke up with one in my head this morning. Up I got and to my graph paper and colored pencils! It will be "Emeline's Garden Basket". Emeline was proud of the big garden she planted in Jacob's absence.
  On July 8,1861, Jacob grabbed an opportunity to write a letter to Emeline. He said they were camped at Grand River, Missouri and about to cross the river. He complained that he hadn't received a letter from Emeline although many other men had gotten mail from home (Mt. Pleasant,IA). He had been sick with diarrhea for 4 days, but was feeling better. He promised to be home as soon as his time was up, but willing to do his duty. Like most of the nation, Jacob obviously thought the war would be a very short affair. He told Emeline, " I want you  to have me a nice white shirt and good dinner ready when I get home." Little did he know or would have guessed, it would be 4 years before he returned home.

  Here is a picture of what is believed to be Jacob Ritner in later years. He was never in good health following the Civil War. He died Jan.12, 1873. Note the tied comforter he has on his lap.

My Bernina is calling me! I must obey... :)  Keep stitching!


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  1. Seems like you are a very busy person. And good to have friends to help you out with the piecing.