Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quiltus Interruptus

  I've been suffering all week from a horrible malady. Maybe you've never heard of it and I hope you've never had it. It's called quiltus interruptus. It's only victims, oddly enough, seem to be quilters. The only known cure is uninterrupted long hours of quilting. I believe I posted early in the week that I would be finishing Love and Valor within a day of that post. Oh, no. Not that day or the next or the next or even the one after that. Every time I thought I would have my day planned to work on L&V and only that, something would come up that I had to do instead. Grrrr. I'd make plans for the next day and the same thing would happen. GRRRR! By today, I was ready to make war with anyone or anything that stood in my way!  After church, ( God and I are on peaceful terms), I made dinner fast, begged off going to my husband's family reunion, (I know I'm bad), and retreated to my sewing room determined to not come out until the quilt was done. My son was home and had skipped the reunion too, but he was happy watching the Cubs game alone and reading a book. He's always been easy to please, probably because he was born to a quiltaholic and was used to fending for himself. (yeah, I'm really bad.) Anyway, I'm well on the way to a full cure! Love and Valor is finished, pressed, and neatly folded, waiting to be sent to the quilter. Ahhhh, what a relief. I hope I don't suffer a relapse, because I have big plans for tomorrow. I'm starting the next quilt for the L&V book. Yeah, I never learn....

Keep stitching,


  1. Mmmmm, I think I have had that sickness before!
    Glad to hear you finally got there!

  2. I KNOW I've had that sickness/virus before. It's awful. Sometimes it is caused by other's...sometimes it's an "auto-immune"/induced kind of malady. (ie: one of those quilts that is producing great amounts of stress and just needs to rest for awhile, before it is ready to be completed...and sometimes it is the quilter who is stressed and just needs to rest before she can complete the quilt!!) Either way, I am glad you are better!


  3. Glad you got it done...a nice big check mark on your list...YIPPEE! That always makes me happy! On to the next project. ENJOY!

  4. I think that illness spread east...I wanted to get bindings on two quilts today but instead I am getting the house ready for the rug cleaners....

  5. I was afraid that would happen! Now we're faced with a possible epidemic!

  6. Hello Becky!!
    I just spent an hour+ of time lost in your wonderful, glorious, blog.....You have combined two of my most favorite passions (quilting and the Civil War) into one incredible thing....I am not a quilter (well, I've dabbled....but never a real "quilt" - but oh how I have longed to...) You are such an inspiration...I will be a frequent visitor here to your remarkable blog...Holy Cats!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin