Friday, July 1, 2011

Today's the Day!!!

   Ok, this is it. The day I've been waiting for since 1977. I'm going to the Carthage, Illinois home of Robert Johnson, great great grandson of Christopher Staffinger, to a family reunion and meet the other Staffinger descendants. I'll show them the quilt and they'll share their photos, heirlooms, and info with me! I can hardly contain myself. When I bought the quilt at that auction Oct.22, 1977, I couldn't have dreamed I'd be doing this. I've always thought, surely the family wouldn't have let this quilt go if they were living. You never know, there's a story behind everything, isn't there? I'm invited to dinner at 5 PM and I'll be on pins and needles all day.
   I have exciting news to share with them too. My co-author for Love and Valor, has agreed to work with me on a book for the Staffinger quilt too. This would happen only after completion of the L&V book first. I'm sure the family will be thrilled. They are totally supportive of my sharing this quilt and keeping Christopher's story alive.

  Here are some photos of this cherished quilt:
                                                     Full-view of Christopher Staffinger's quilt.
A closer look at the madder prints.
The cinnamon pink binding was possibly added later by his wife. It's machine sewn.
There are 3 blocks in pink, one in yellow, and one in blue. Christopher seemed to have depleted the brown prints in his mother's scrap bag!
Here is a peek at the hand-quilting he did, not pretty, but he tried.

  I'm sure I'll have pictures to share of my adventure today, so check in tomorrow. Till then, keep stitching!



  1. I am new to your blog Becky and so enjoying it. I hope you have a wonderful time with the Staffinger family - what a great story it is! I have been quilting almost 20 yrs (I'm also very into cross-stitching) and have started getting interested in Civil War quilts the past few years. I love the old photos etc you have posted and your blog is so pretty - kudos to you!!

    I grew up in the Quad-Cities (Illinois side) and it's fun to see you writing about places whose names I recognize like Altoona and Mt Pleasant. I have lived in the Phoenix area since 1991 but am back in the midwest usually every year to visit family. Usually I manage to hit a few quilt shops if I can so I'm going to jot down some of the ones you visited. Last year I was able to visit 5 in Minnesota when we did a road trip around visiting relatives.

    Looking forward to your next adventures!

  2. How exciting for you in all respects! Hope you have a fantastic day today...I love this story and can't wait to hear how the day goes. Christopher's quilt is a real treasure in every sense of the word :)


  3. What an absolutely amazing quilt! You're going to have a wonderful day!

  4. Becky, I am with you in spirit and know you will have a wonderful dinner and visit with Mr. Johnson and his relatives. This has to be so exciting for you and I can't wait to hear about your trip. Please give us lots of information and pictures too.