Sunday, August 14, 2011

Almost Home!

I'm down to my final hours in Maine. I can't believe it. this time tomorrow I'll be at Boston airport waiting for my flight. We've never had a dull moment. I have lots to. Blog about, but want to wait so I can post pictures. I've taken tons of them and my Sis and niece took some for me on their much better cameras. Melissa is going to download all of them on to a flash drive for me to take home which will make it easier.

This afternoon we are going on a guided 90 minute tour of an historical cemetery here in Portland. I sure hope to see some CW graves. The rest of the day will be spent lounging around home, which we really haven't done yet. Melissa has another gourmet meal planned for dinner tonight. You should have been here for the brunch we had this morning! She loves to cook, but living alone, only gets the chance when having company. I'm happy to oblige by visiting! I have pictures of some dishes she prepared for us. It's been like staying at a 5tar hotel this past 10 days and it will be a rude awakening when I get home and I am the cook and maid again! Speaking of maids, we went to see " The Help" last night. It was so good. I highly recommend seeing it. And will be surprised if it doesn't receive Oscar nominations for best actress and best supporting actress for the actresses playing the 2 maids seen the most.

Tuesday morning first thing, I'll post the first of several about my Maine adventures. Until then, keep stitching!

PS I see several typos, but I'm using Melissa's IPOD, which is totally different than my laptop, so I can't fix them without help. Sorry. Melissa went to the whole foods grocery to get ingredients for our dinner...yummmmmm


  1. Does Melissa hire out?? Yikes - she sounds like a remarkable gal! And didn't she buy you a quilt?? Does she want to adopt another "auntie"?? ;o) Can't wait to see photos of your adventures - have fun at the graveyard (I am SOOO jealous!!) Safe, safe, travels!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. Sounds like you are having a great time. Waiting to see all your pictures and read about your adventures.