Thursday, August 25, 2011

Antique Show in Union, Maine

   A few days during my visit, Melissa had to conduct business via conference calls, up to 6 hours a day! This was a compromise so she didn't have to fly out to California and miss my Civil War presentation. The problem was that during these calls, Sandy and I couldn't be in the room with her so as not to be a distraction. The solution was to give us her keys and take little expeditions on our own. Sandra and I have never had a problem finding fun ways to occupy ourselves! One of those days we took off for Union, Maine for a big antique show at the fairgrounds. Oh my, did we have fun! Once again, I had no trouble finding vintage Civil War quilts. I bought 2!

   I spotted this baby quilt from 50 feet away and made a bee line for it! It may be only simple stripes, but, oh, the brown and pink fabrics "sing"  and I couldn't resist it. The back is blue and pink pieced stripes too, but solids. It is tied and filled with wool batting and bound with a different pink fabric.

  The next one is a large quilt that must have been made for a high bed because it would drape over a modern queen-size bed. It is in excellent condition and only had one large oval-shaped brownish stain right  in the center. I looked it over and had to think about it, because of the price and the thought that getting it home would mean more shipping costs. We walked the entire show and when we came back by, I had to have another look at it. Once again, I couldn't resist.
   When we got home and were having a show'n'tell with Melissa, she fell in love with this quilt. She wanted to buy it for the bedroom Sandra uses when visiting. She offered me a profit even and how could I refuse her? I wouldn't have to ship it after all. We hand-washed it with Oxyclean and the stain came out. It is in mint condition now and looks beautiful on that bed. She assured me that she wouldn't let anyone sleep under it though.

    One of my favorite booths at the Union show was run by Paul and Nancy Hahn, called Country Things. She had lots  of antique quilts, vintage fabrics (some with original paper labels attached), and sewing collectibles. She got some of them in England and France. Oh, they were NICE! Out of my price range, but she let me take pictures for my blog. I got their card, but it doesn't give their address. Their phone number is 301-249-1813. I hope to visit them again someday when I'm more "flush"!

  I wonder if they have a layaway plan!

  I gave my CW presentation for the Threads of Friendship Guild in Freeport, Thursday (Aug.6th) at Cotton Weeds Quilt Shop in their upstairs classroom. The shop was closed for the day when we got there so I couldn't shop, darn! I was there last year and remember it as being a very good shop. At that time they were in the planning stage of expanding into the second floor space. It's a wonderful space. I could spread out my display to good advantage. The quilts hanging on the wall behind in this picture are not mine. They were shop samples.

Some close-ups...
  The hostess, Kim Barbour, giving my introduction...
Here I'm explaining my costume...
   Sharing a bit of humor...

   Answering a question during open forum afterwards...
And visiting with the audience...

  It was a wonderful night and I met some great quilters. Many purchased my patterns, even a couple of neighboring shop owners were in the audience, placed orders, and will now be carrying my patterns in their shops. It was a little nerve wracking having my sister, niece and nephew in the audience. I was afraid I'd "bomb" and embarrass them. They assured me that they enjoyed themselves, but they are prejudiced of course.  James was a little embarrassed when I held up the vintage bloomers and demonstrated how they were split between the legs making it easy to go to the bathroom without pulling them down. He didn't expect that little bit of intimate info. Sorry Jimmie! I wasn't sure if a New England audience would appreciate my midwest sense of humor, but they laughed at the usual times that my audiences here do. What a relief! By 10:30 PM we were packed up in the car and heading back to Portland.

  I still have more adventures to share. Till tomorrow night, keep stitching.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing all the wonderful pictures of the most beautiful quilts. Hugs

  2. Would have so loved to been at your presentation - those quilts and your displays are incredible - and aren't you a lovely?!! Your dress is beautiful - as are you!! Really loving that little baby quilt you found too....and oh, my, what delightful sewing collectibles there are in that booth of treasures! I'd have been sorely tempted too! Have a great weekend! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Wow - your presentation looks fabulous...every detail down to the costume! Congrats on finding two fun acquisitions, even if you only came home with one!

    In stitches,
    Teresa :o)

  4. A goodmorning from the netherlands.
    I am just a starter and i follow workshops here in my town,but i am a big fan of Civil War fabrics, quilts, and clothing and i would like to say,that i started quilting because of the traditional look of quilts.I think that your blog let me see what tradition is.
    I do hope that i can make in the future such beautiful blankets and other things like you.

    Best wishes from Anita.