Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Must Correct Myself!

   Even though I try to always tell the truth, sometimes I make mistakes. After my nephew read my last few posts, he informed me of a few! The first mistake was in the Monday, August 22nd posting; Melissa's house was built in 1880, which makes it a 19th century home. I had said 18th century. Jimmie sent me a link for Melissa's garden that is from his website: You will see pictures of her garden in different seasons than when I was there.

  My next correction is in the Saturday, August 27th posting. I said Flip's house was 1700's, more exactly, it was built in 1740. The BH&G article was in the February issue not May/June (I think that's when I finally got a copy!)My biggest blunder is this:  Jimmie is a Landscape Designer not a Landscape Architect. I really didn't know there was a difference, but he says it's a different degree entirely. See, he's handsome, talented, and honest! He also sent me a link for Flip's garden: 
   Jimmie sent me these corrections this morning as the hurricane was gaining strength in Maine. He said they were getting 40mph winds with some stronger gusts and expecting worse. He stored all patio furniture and flower pots, etc. inside yesterday in preparation. He went to Melissa's (his sister) and helped her to prepare her property too. She at least lives back from the ocean nestled in a neighborhood. Jimmie is right on the water about 100 yards back, but at a 50-60 feet elevation on a hillside. He says, it's a cove protected by some islands that actually front the ocean, so he doesn't fear a surge of water, just the high winds. Flip is just up the coast in Cumberland a few miles from Jimmie and back off the water. He expected that they would all lose electricity. Let's hope that's the worst of it. I'm praying for all those on the East Coast this weekend.

 This post should be a lesson to all fellow bloggers; when you talk about someone, you'd better get it right, even if you're saying nice things about them. They are bound to read it and call you on it! I'll try to be more diligent in the future with my facts, promise!

  I'd better go quilt... I know I can get that right! Keep stitching,


  1. Whew!! Sure glad you came clean!! :o) Really....didn't catch your "oops's"....Praying for Melissa, Jimmie, Flip - and everyone else who is still in harm's way....Happy Sunday - and happy quilting.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  2. PS - Just got back from checking out the links Jimmie provided. Jimmie if you're out there....I LOVE you!! Wanna move to Nod??? Please??? Seriously - those are some of the most amazing spaces I have ever seen....Absolutely stunning....I'll be in eye candy heaven for a long, long, while.....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  3. Thanks for your prayers, Robin - and your offer of settlement in Nod, but I'm all set in Maine! ;-) The storm wasn't too bad. We didn't lose any people, trees or power here along the coast. I think it was worse for people living inland, where there is some serious flooding. I'm happy you are enjoying the garden pics.

    Aunt Bec, I thought you might just quietly edit your existing post (is that possible?). Never thought you'd enter an entire post about my correcting you. Too funny!

  4. So Jimmy, did you know we don't have hurricanes here in Indiana? Kinda makes you want to come visit doesn't it? A 100 year old midwestern farmhouse would look soooo good on your resume, yes? ;-)

    Drop dead GORGEOUS spaces you've created. Wow.

  5. Thanks, Christine! I could easily be tempted by your 100 yr-old farmhouse. Travel expenses, room and board and lots of creative license.. that is my price! ;-)

  6. Aunt Bec, in my line of work, we rely on being "directionally correct" as it lessens the burden of perfection! I strongly suggest you embrace the concept as your initial post was definitely just that!

  7. Love all your stories. Bet you're glad you were home before the hurricane otherwise it may have taken 1 week to get home..... How's the book coming along? It was good chating with you while I was taking you home....I'm sure we still have lots more to say. I've been sewing not stop every since that time and have gotten many things finished. See you in about 3 weeks at the AQS show.
    Chat again soon.