Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lucky me! NOT!!!

  Ok, I know I promised to blog first thing Tuesday morning, but I have a really good excuse, honest. I wasn't even home yet! Yes, that's right. I left Portland, ME at 9:30 AM on the shuttle bus to Boston Airport. Actually, it was the second shuttle, because the first one was full. I should have known that was a bad sign! When I got to Boston and to my terminal, I found out my flight was delayed from 2:26PM to 3 PM. Ok, I could deal with that. No biggee, I told myself. Then at 3 PM, they announced another delay till 3:30 PM. I started to worry, just a little. At 3:30, they announce a plan to board at 4 PM. That sounded promising. We did, indeed board and taxi to the runway. And then we sat...and sat...and sat. After a half hour, the stewardesses started handing out drinks, not a good sign. At intervals, the pilot gave us little pep talks. Heavy rains in Newark,NJ were preventing any planes from arriving there or departing. The flight was supposed to take an hour and 40 minutes and my connecting flight to Chicago was supposed to be at 7:10 PM. By 6PM, when we were still waiting on the runway and the pilot offered free movies for all passengers, I got a sinking feeling. I was NOT going to make my connecting flight even if we took off then. At 6:30 they announced that we all had to deplane. I called Melissa in full panic mode. In her usual calm, reassuring tone, she said to remain calm and she would see if she could get my tickets changed to another airline and most especially, NOT on a flight to New Jersey. She said she'd been following the conditions online and it looked like that airport would be backed up for 1 to 2 days! She said, " Aunt Bec, whatever you do, DO NOT REBOARD THAT PLANE!" That's exactly what they tried to convince us to do a half hour later. About half the people did reboard.
   Melissa arranged for me to fly United directly to Chicago at 7 AM the next day. She even called and reserved a room for me at the Sheraton and had a shuttle pick me up. Guess what my next problem was! My luggage was loaded on that plane on the runway! I had only the clothes on my back and my carryon bag that contained 3 antique CW quilts that I didn't want out of my sight...nothing else, no clean undies, no toiletries, nothing, period. Well, that's not quite right. My large checked in bag had been 5 lbs. overweight and would have cost me an extra $100 so they had let me take items out till it was at 50 lbs. I grabbed off the top a long-sleeved shirt I'd bought that was heavy linen and my toiletry bag. The problem was, I left the contents at Missy's for next year. All that was in it was my toothbrush (yea!) almost empty toothpaste, and a sliver of deodarant. Since they were all but empty, I hadn't taken them out. OK, that was something anyway. I decided to sleep in the blouse I had on and my undies.
   In the morning, I didn't get my requested 4 AM wakeup call, but since I hadn't slept well, I woke up at 2:24 and never got back to sleep. Before I took my shower, it  occurred to me that I had no clean underwear. I don't know about you, but my Mother taught me to always wear clean underwear. I washed mine out in the sink and hung them on the air conditioner to dry while I showered. I put on the heavy long-sleeved shirt hoping it wouldn't be too hot that day. My undies were dry except for the crotch, now what? I was quite proud of myself when I got the idea to use the iron to dry them. I turned it on high and ironed the cotton crotch panel until the steam rose off them signally drying. I was never in the girl scouts, but I think I could have earned a badge with that move, don't you?
  I got to the lobby just in time to see the first airport shuttle bus loading. I ran through the doors and got there before the driver shut the door. Finally, I had hope again. Not so fast... Everyone on the bus was acting weird and very grumpy. Come to find out the driver wasn't a driver. He was a security guard the  hotel had grabbed to drive us since the bus driver hadn't gotten to work yet. This poor guy was a foriegner who spoke broken English and didn't know his way around the airport! Why, oh why, hadn't I waited for the next bus?! We circled and circled and circled the airport. With all the passengers reading the signs and yelling directions he finally found terminal A for the woman with 2 young boys, 15 minutes before her flight was supposed to take off. No way she made that flight. Poor thing. We circled some more and found B terminal for a lady who had offerred to jump out along the way and walk. My terminal was C and he got me there just under an hour before my flight. I made it through security and to the checkin desk 10 minutes before loading.
   That flight was normal, as was the smaller plane out of Chicago. I made it to Des Moines, IA at 12:40 PM and heard the PA paging Becky Wright to the luggage counter. My checked-in bag on the New Jersey plane beat me there! Hallelujah! I called Randy and he couldn't leave work till 5PM and would be there by 7:30 PM to pick me up. UGH! I was finally in Iowa, but would spend the next 7 hours in the airport. Not fun. On a whim, I called a friend in Ottumwa, Julee Prose, since she doesn't work, I thought we could chat. I asked what she was doing and she said, "I'm in Des Moines getting my van serviced." I couldn't believe it! She came and got me, took me to McDonalds because I'd only had a cookie all day, and offered to take me all the way home, which is an hour out of her way. She said our guardian angels must have been at work, because she had thought of inviting other friends to go with her to DM and then her van would have been too full to haul me and my luggage. We had a good visit along the way, stopped at her house to see her quilts, then viewed mine when we got to my house. I know how Dorothy felt in the Wizard of Oz...there is no place like home!!!
  My internet was down all day Wednesday, so I couldn't post, then today I was back to work at school. Did I have enough excuses for not posting to be forgiven? I will upload photos to my computer after work tomorrow and start blogging about my Maine adventures. Except for the bad travel woes in the beginning and at the last, the in between days were great! Till tomorrow night..Keep Stitching,



  1. Wow, you certainly had an why didn't you think to just turn the underwear inside out, LOL! Glad you made it home safely and looking forward to hearing about you adventures in my home state!

  2. Yikes, Becky!! If I didn't know better, I would have sworn we were on the same flights...that is the kind of stuff that happens to me every time I fly (by I have to rely on these ol wings...) ;o) Seriously, I have a sister-in-law who refuses to be on the same flight with me - just to be on the safe side! Anywho - so glad you're home safely - bet you slept like a princess! Can't wait for the picture show!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin