Friday, August 19, 2011

Road Trip in Maine

 On Saturday, August 6th, Melissa took Sandra and I on a little road trip. Our first stop was a house tour of a Queen Anne Victorian home of a friend of Melissa's. Her friend is a newly wed who had just moved in a month ago and wanted me to mention that they were still working on fixing the  house  up to their liking. I love old houses and would gladly take it as is! I think she said there were 14 rooms.

                                               The foyer had this wonderful old staircase.

My Sis,Sandra, in front of the bay window of what would be "my" sewing room if I lived there. The room was huge.

                                    The flooring throughout the house was this beautiful old wood.
I tried to talk her out of this old cupboard. Wouldn't it look great filled with antique quilts? She wouldn't part with it, darn.

  We went to The Busy Thimble in Litchfield where I helped the local economy the best I could. I'm generous like that. If you love reproduction fabrics, it's the place for you. The shop is compact, but filled to the brim with all the best lines of repros and quite a few not seen elsewhere. Cyndi Black is the owner of this delightful shop and is friendly and eager to help you make your selections. I met some local quilters there who sounded just like my friends in Iowa, "I don't need any more fabric, but..." They all left with bags in hand and smiles on their faces.

       This is The Busy Thimble. My sister only thought she was going to beat me to the door!

                                 The inside is packed with goodies. Here is Cyndi at work.

   Then we traveled on to Brunswick, Maine. The old Fort Andross textile mill now houses an antique mall, restaurant, and shops.This is where Melissa bought me the CW quilt and we ate lunch. The restaurant is located on the back side of the mill overlooking the river.

The decor was very industrial with tables made from huge wooden beams from the old mill. The food was great. The view we had while eating.
  Next we toured the home of General Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain also in Brunswick. He is a renowned figure in Maine's Civil War history. The historical society has spent a half million dollars so far restoring the large home.No pictures unfortunately.
  That night Melissa made pizzas on the grill with our choice of toppings. Boy were they yummy! She made the dough from scratch and had those pizzas on the table before I would have gotten them ordered and picked up from Pizza Hut back home. She makes cooking look so easy and fun. I never have fun when I have to cook!
  Come back and I'll share the next adventure tomorrow night.

Keep stitching,


  1. Love the Victorian house, is there another room next door for my sewing room, next to yours LOL.

    Your photos of Busy Thimble made me want to take a long ride today!

  2. Love the old house!! And I have a similar cupboard, but mine has screen on the doors. The quilt shop looks like a winner. Of course you had to do your part to help the economy :-)

  3. Beautiful old house! Looks like a great trip!

  4. Melissa's friend's house looks amazing...And, if that cupboard is any indication, it looks like she has amazing taste! That old textile mill looks like it would be an awesome place....that view is incredible! Bummer about no photos from General Chamberlain's house! And when are going to get to see this quilt Melissa got you?? Huh??? I still think you should package Melissa up and share her with the rest of us!! Have a great weekend! Hope you're getting settled back in! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin