Monday, December 19, 2011

Help, 911, I Have a Christmas Emergency!

   A few days until Christmas and I find myself being held hostage by the UPS guy. Ok, melodramatic perhaps, but it's almost true! My husband who enjoys surprising me by getting almost everything on my wish list (in recent years when we've been more flush, empty nest you know) is terrible about giving me a wish list of his own. He finally relented and circled some items in his various catalogs (Cabella's, Bike Nashbar, Camp More, etc.) on December 5th. I promptly placed orders via phone and was assured a Christmas delivery by each salesman. Now, here I sit and NOTHING, not one single thing has arrived and it's December 19th! UPS doesn't deliver on Saturdays, so I have only 4 days of opportunity left. It won't be fun to have gifts of my own to open and Randy have a big fat nothing in front of him. Aarggg! Can you say, "STRESS"? That UPS guy has my Merry Christmas in his hands and he better deliver!

  I'm almost finished hand-quilting my George Washington quilt. I wasn't especially impressed with the top when I got it done, but now with the quilting, I'm really starting to be happy with it. I will share pictures when I finish, hopefully before Christmas. I do have some pictures to share with you, but not my own work. I visited Jane's house a couple Saturdays ago and remembered to take my camera. I'm learning!

 This is the quilt Jane just finished in time for her son in law's graduation from Sandhurst Military Academy in London, (think England's equivalent to our West Point.) Tim flew to London for the ceremony, a formal tuxedo affair, and took Jane's quilt to present to him, as a graduation gift. He had said he would feel like part of the family once his mother in law had made him a quilt. I don't recall the name of the pattern, but it is a beauty and hand-quilted.

  Of course, I couldn't leave without a visit to Jane's studio to see her latest work in progress. She has collected fabric with teacups for years and has started a Teacup quilt. Her quilts always reflect the influence living in England had on her. Her color and fabric choices scream England to me. I just love them. My camera never does justice to whatever I'm taking pictures of . The colors are always "off". Trust me, this quilt is very soft and subtle and scrappy. Jane is very good at sewing scraps into beautiful quilts. The brighter blue is her design wall, not part of the quilt.

Another view. Notice yet another work in progress on her table... this one in 30's scraps.

  Keep your fingers crossed for me. I put a new camera on my wish list! If Randy gives me nothing else, I hope he got me a camera! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

PS...  If you see the UPS guy lollygagging around somewhere send him to my house!

Keep stitching,


  1. I loved living in England so I understand your friend's love of all things British! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the UPS delivery....

  2. What??? UPS doesn't deliver on Saturdays???? YIKES! Now I'm having a Christmas emergency! I ordered my husband one stupid thing (I just have NO idea what to get the man) - and it's coming UPS .... and delivery was supposed to be 12/24...which happens to be a SATURDAY!! Now what am I gonna do??? Lovely quilts by Jane - truly...and a beautiful gift to her son-in-law - but I'm too distracted right now for proper compliments... So sorry.. !!! Hugs & Smiles ~ Robin

  3. Sounds like we all have the same problem on what to buy our husbands. I just order the last thing last night, thankfully LL Bean is in Maine where I live so it should arrive before shipping and a free gift card!! Sending speedy delivery thoughts to your UPS man, LOL!!

  4. I thought UPS delivered on Saturdays during the holidays? I sure hope so and I hope your guy gets to your house in time !!

    Those quilts are just gorgeous and I can't wait to see your George Washington.

    I just love your blog!

    Merry Christmas!

  5. I hope the UPS man comes through for your hubby! He sounds like a keeper. It's so thoughtful of him to gift you with everything on your wish list! I love your friend Jane's teacup quilt! The quilt she made for her son-in-law is lovely too, but there's something about that teacup quilt that just makes me smile.

  6. What a wonderful graduation quilt!!! Love the teacup quilt in progress too!!!! I wish you luck with your UPS delivery! Have a lovely Christmas holiday!!

  7. I fell in love with your star's soooo gorgeous! You make so many lovely quilts, so I'll be back for a visit again soon ;-)
    Happy sewing,