Monday, December 5, 2011

Merry Quilting Christmas!

   I showed a photo of my George Washington quilt in progress in my  last post. I looked forward to the weekend, because Randy had inventory Friday and Saturday which left me with guilt-free quilting time. Never one to miss an opportunity like that, I did indeed sewed this weekend. I'm happy to say that George is done! Well, at least the top. I'm basting it now for hand-quilting. I had no particular plan for the size quilt it would be. I sewed, planned, cut, sewed till it looked finished. It turned out 54" square which will be good for storage and display reasons. I'm pleased with the quilt, but I wish the fabric had featured Abe Lincoln instead. Sorry, George, I understand you are the father of our country and I have a healthy respect for you, but what can I say, I love old Honest Abe better. Oh well, it's done and I have used part of my hoard of "I'll use it someday" fabric. That's a good thing.

The George Washington top layered, ready for basting...

This is a cabinet I display in my dining room during Christmas. It holds some of my Santa collection with my daughter's dollhouse furniture...
I treat the cabinet like it's a dollhouse. Here is shelf #1...the kitchen...
Self room...
Shelf #3...the bedroom...
I took this picture for my Christmas card to all of you. It's the centerpiece on my dining room table. Isn't the primitive reindeer cute? His antlers and legs are made out of branches. I bought him today at Kountry Primitives outside of New London, Iowa.
MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Keep stitching,



  1. I like the way you used the George Washington portrait in the blocks. Looks good.

  2. George looks quite dashing in your quilt. :-)

  3. George would be proud, maybe they will come out with Abe fabric. Like your little Christmas doll house.

  4. Like the little vignettes you have created in the dollhouse cupboard...especially Santa stretched out on the dear little bed...he must be resting up for the Grand Tour in a few weeks.

  5. I'm a huge, huge, Abe fan myself (hey - it's all about the CW right??) - but gotta say, George is looking mighty, mighty, fine on that quilt of yours....I do so love him as well.... Love your "dollhouse cabinet" - what fun pieces - and your centerpiece is great!!! Awesomely prim reindeer!!! Hope your Monday is off to a great start! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. I like your George quilt - the oval shape of his portrait is very interesting, and not a shape we see often in quilting - it looks great!
    Pam @

  7. Love the blues in the George Washington quilt!!! A great tribute quilt!!
    The little cupboard with the Christmas doll house theme is very cute indeed!!!

  8. Hi Becky, Thanks for stopping by and posting to my blog about the "Indian" image quilts I discovered. Two more similar quilts have been found today so I have added more photos to the same post! Just google Quilt History Reports to see them. Love your blog! You have done such a beautiful job! Your graphic art talents really show thru!! Karen

  9. That's so cute - I love your cabinet-as-dollhouse idea!

  10. Beautiful! I just love your GEORGE! quilt!

  11. I'll always love George because--among his many other admirable virtues--he so dearly loved to garden. Wonderful quilt. I adore the George cameos!