Tuesday, February 7, 2012


   Have you noticed I've been absent for a couple of weeks? The last time I posted, I told you that I was selling Civil War toile and pictorial charm packs gleaned from my collection. That's when my world went crazy. Boy, did a lot of you like my charm packs! I was cutting charms every waking minute I wasn't at work just to fill orders and try to get a little inventory built up. After a  long weekend, I finally can relax a little. I have a nice tote filled with charm packs ready to go. I've heard back from some of the quilters who purchased packs and I'm thrilled to hear how pleased they are with them. I can't wait to see pictures of the quilts they make using my charms. If they send me pictures, I'll share them here.

   Since my son only comes home every 3-4 weeks for a weekend, I've pretty much turned his bedroom into another workroom for my Orphans of War business. Here are pictures of charms ready to go into packs. I still have lots of yardage I haven't cut from. A few days ago  I dove into the stash in the basement storage room and discovered more yardage I forgot I had, dating to the early 80's. I was excited to see these because they will be great additions to the charm packs.

I use Isaah's bed to stack charms sorted by type. I stand at the side and randomly draw charms from the stacks and place a penny on the stack so there are no duplicate charms in a pack.

These 2 are favorites of mine. The red and cream is an early repro.(1980's)

  I've also been quilting like crazy to get the quilt off the frame and bound in time to take to my next presentation in Davenport, Iowa at the German American Heritage Center. It is an encore presentation to present the new information on the Christopher Staffinger quilt story. I'm meeting with the descendants again this weekend to acquire even more photos and info the family recently acquired from a lady who found it in the Staffinger house when she bought it. She had read the articles about my meeting with the family last June and after much thought decided to get in touch with them and give them photos and Christopher's documents! They were delighted to get these and once again, gracious enough to contact me and offer to share them with me. I can't wait to see these treasures and add all of this to my new improved presentation on the Christopher Staffinger Quilt. If you're in the Quad City area, stop by the GAHC on Sunday, Feb.19th at 1PM to hear the story in person. I'm not sure what they are charging at the door. The last time it was $10.

Here are pictures of my just quilted Fields of Blue and Gray in a smaller size than the pattern for easier use in my traveling display.

Closeup of Union block...
I don't usually wash my quilts after hand-quilting, but I did this time to remove the blue marking. After drying, it looks a little puffy, not a look I like!

                                                           Closeup of Confederate block...

A corner of the quilt. I used a navy with stars print for the binding and backed the quilt with the same "cannonballs" gray print used in the pieced border  ....

  This quilt was inspired by my visit to the Stones River National Battlefield in Tennessee a couple years ago. I was very moved by the experience as this was the battle that Christopher Staffinger was so horribly wounded in. It felt like especially hallowed ground to me.

  I'll try to keep in better touch now that I'm caught up. Thanks for checking in. Keep stitching!



  1. Love the Fields of Blue and Grey quilt, I love the assortment of those colours together!!!
    My goodness you have been busy cutting a compiling your charm packs!!! Looks like a lot of work!!!

  2. Wow! You have been busy! Love the blue and grey quilt!!!

  3. Your charm business has turned into quite a production. I used to trade charm packs with people. It was fun to receive fabrics from other parts of the world and gave me lots of variety in my stash.

  4. It's a natural move for mothers to turn their kids' bedrooms into a center for something else. Been there, done that.
    Your charms pack set-up is impressive and using the pennies to prevent duplication is smart.
    I got my charm pack from you and love the diversity. I'm anxious to use them in something, but other projects are higher on my project list for now. Unfortunately the "have to's" rank ahead of the "want to's."

  5. Just letting you know that I love reading your blog and love civil war era quilts and history. My nephew lives in the area near the Stone River battlefield and my sister and I toured the area last Memorial day. I got goosebumps while I was there just thinking of all those who were killed there. Thanks so much for all the information you give us!

  6. There is nothing looking as gorgeous as a washed quilt, especially when it's hand quilted. It looks so much more cozy and more "alive". Love your quilt :o)
    Happy weekend,