Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Time to Quilt

   I had a free weekend at last. Nothing to do but quilt! Just the way I like it. I've had a request for a couple sample quilts of Reap the Whirlwind and Winds of War for the May meeting of the Florrisant, MO, Flower Valley Quilt Guild. I'm doing a 3 day presentation and workshops there in July. The original quilts are large and I can't send them as I need them for other presentations in the mean time. I spent the weekend piecing the tops in crib size for an timely finish and because they will be easier to ship and store. I got Reap the Whirlwind done and am about a third of the way finished quilting it.

Here's the top, in 30's fabric to show the versatility of the pattern...
A closeup...

The backing fabric...
  It only takes 9 blocks to make a 45" square baby quilt. You can add a 4-6" wide border if you prefer a larger baby quilt. I usually make mine 52-54" square. That way the quilt can be a lap quilt through the toddler years too.

   I love this photo of Bertha Staffinger Coburn with her husband, Glenn, taken in front of their Peoria, Iillinois home in the early 1900's. She wrote on the back," Notice Glenn has on his derby (hat). He wore that on our wedding day too." Doesn't he look dapper?

    I'm a bachelorette tonight and tomorrow. Randy's mother is having open heart surgery tomorrow at 7 AM in Springfield, Illinois. He would have had to be up and gone by 3 AM to get there from Mt. Pleasant in time to see her before they took her to surgery. It just made sense to go tonight and get a little more sleep. It will be a long day for him and his sisters.

  I'm off to get some quilting done before bedtime. I hope you've had time to quilt today. Keep stitching!



  1. Awesome pattern! I look forward to seeing it finished.

  2. Can't wait to see the finished quilts and your lecture.

  3. What a great pattern, I love the 30's prints too, just a perfect combination!!! I'll have to study the picture a little more closely to work out how it was put together LOL!!!
    Love the old black/white photo too, just love those old style timber houses!!!