Sunday, March 4, 2012

"Crunch Time"

   Winter decided to visit Mt. Pleasant this weekend. We've been spoiled by mild weather and no snow days at all this year. I knew it was too good to be true. After all, this is Iowa, not Florida! Still, it was a shock when I came out of HyVee getting groceries Friday and the parking lot was all white with a heavy wet snow covering everything and still coming down. It had been dry when I went in. It was really cold so I hurried to my car and loaded the groceries in the trunk. I wiped the side mirrors, got in, started the engine, defrost, and wipers. I was definitely going straight home and settling in for the rest of the day with a cup of tea and quilting till supper. I started to back out and in a second saw a car in my rear view mirror. I braked, but before I could pull back in the space...CRUNCH! The SUV parked directly behind me had backed out at the same time, but the driver didn't see me and didn't stop until she hit me. Darn! That wasn't in my plans for the day. I called the police and we each waited in our cars. The policeman parked behind my car and just as I got out to talk to him, the man in the car next to me started to back out directly into the police car! The officer jumped in his car and threw it in gear as I started pounding on the window of the car. The man stopped, but if the officer hadn't shot forward, the patrol car would have been t-boned. That pretty much gives you an idea of the visibility at the time. The policeman called it an equal fault accident since we were both backing out at the same time, no tickets issued as far as I know. I have a basketball size dent on the right corner of my bumper, but that's it. Her SUV had a scratch.  Less than an hour later, the snow stopped and the sun had melted it off except for some in the grass. I still went home and quilted! I needed to in order to calm down. Quilting is the best therapy in the world no matter what ails you.

  Saturday was clear and hardly a trace of the snow left. I finished piecing the Winds of War sample and quilted all day and evening. Randy went to Springfield to visit his mother at St. Johns Hospital. She had open-heart surgery on Wednesday to replace a valve and one bypass done. She came through it well, but on Friday developed an irregular heart beat. They cleared that up with 24 hours of medication in her IV. She may even be released on Monday.

   Here is a sample of my piecing this weekend...the Winds of War sample top...

   Closeup of blocks...

   I made this little doll quilt from trim away pieces leftover from making the Reap the Whirlwind sample top. I played around with how to set the string-pieced half-square triangles, but liked this setting best. I pin basted it to hand quilt...

   And a closeup...

  That's all for tonight. The battery is dead in my camera so I can't take pictures of the Reap the Whirlwind quilt. I'm almost finished quilting it. I'll post those pix later. Keep stitching!



  1. Glad you made it home safely after the chaos at the supermarket parking lot! Absolutely love your little string-pieced doll quilt. Just darling.

  2. What a very unlucky thing to have happened!

    The quilts are lovely!

  3. I think more dings occur in car parks than on the road LOL!!! Glad it wasn't too bad, but a football size dent isn't nice either! Yes, staking solace in the sewing room is definitely the best medicine! Love your Winds of War quilt, gorgeous!!!! The mini scrap quilt is oh! so very cute, I like that we can make treasures out of scrapes!!!!

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  4. I adore your Winds of War quilt. The colors are fantastic! Sorry about the crunch, I totaled my car last Saturday! Darn winter weather is coming to an end here soon!