Sunday, March 18, 2012

St, Patrick's Day Road Trip

   Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and since I'm 3/4 Irish, I always celebrate it big. I don't drink, so by doing it big, I mean I dress very green every year. I wear a shamrock tiara and a green feather boa, a green St. Patrick's Day shirt and a little Leprechaun pin that I've worn every year since I was 4 yrs. old. It was my Irish grandmother's pin. She died when I was 4 and I got her pin, which to a 4 year old was quite a treasure. She probably got it at the Five and Dime store, but it's priceless to me. Sorry, it didn't scan well, but you get the idea...

  It was also Breakfast Club yesterday. Jane and I went together. I may have embarrassed her in my St. Patty attire. She's much too kind to say so though. We saw some pretty quilts during show n tell. Jane made another darling baby quilt. She said she bought these baby picture squares several years ago in Kalona and she was getting tired of them making angry faces at her every time she came across them in her stash. She decided it was time to sew them into a quilt. Lol. Isn't it adorable? The babies sure look happy now!

Here are a few more show n tell pix...
  Someone announced at Breakfast Club that Muscatine was having their quilt show this weekend. I didn't have to twist Jane's arm to convince her to go. We were already an hour north so we only had to drive a half hour east to get there! It was a nice show with a lot of full-sized quilts. I took pictures of my favorites.
This antique beauty was purchased by Pam Brown as a top for $75! She then hand-quilted it.
I loved this antique Lone Star. The  background was fugitive purple as you can see. I liked the little arrangement with the treadle machine and small quilt.

This was an interesting quilt. I thought it was antique till I read the label. She saved Crown Royal bags and labels till she had enough to make a quilt. I assume Crown Royal is a liquor of some sort. It reminded me of 19th century quilts made of cigar labels. Neat idea.

After watching the PBS film "Quilts of Valor" last Saturday, this quilt at the show caught my attention. It's going to be a wonderful family heirloom for this soldier.

  Jane and I came home inspired to dive into our stashes and create! I quilted and sewed the binding on the doll quilt I showed you a couple posts ago. I'll share a picture when I take one. I soaked it to remove the blue markings and it's still damp. Our husbands went for an all day (after church) bike ride, so we had quilting time today. I haven't talked to her to see if she quilted, but I worked on Winds of War for a couple hours. I'm speaking in Wellman, Iowa tomorrow evening for the Kountry Quilters, so I had to pack everything in totes and load my car this afternoon. I'm leaving right after work tomorrow.

  My quilting beckons me. Keep stitching!


  1. Thanks for sharing all those great quilts with us! They're beautiful!

  2. What a buy on the antique applique quilt top! I would have snapped that up in a minute. The quilting looks good that she did.

  3. Loved the pictures, escpecially the Crown Royale one. Gives me an idea, as I do like Crown Royale on occassion and I believe I have a start on some bags. Love the green pin too!!!! What a treasure!! I have some of my Grandmother's things as well and wear them with honor.

  4. The guys at the local VFW have been saving the Crown Royale bags for me for years...someday they will guilt me into making a quilt for them!

    Thanks for all the great photos!