Monday, April 23, 2012

Just for Fun

  After several busy weekends of travel, this weekend was just for fun. No plans, no obligations, just whatever I felt like doing. Don't you love weekends like that? Life gets so busy and so planned down to the minute. I need my "down time" to balance things out.

  Saturday was breakfast club, always fun. I went alone for a change. We usually take turns driving but, everyone had other plans or needed to drive separately. So the General and I were on our own. That's ok, we enjoy each other's company. :) There was a good crowd, but not as much show'n'tell as normal. Here are a couple of good ones I took pictures of after I remembered to get my camera out of my bag!

   Maureen (on the right) recently finished a UFO she hadn't worked on since 2004 or 05. I love the rich colors.

  She's still working on the binding. Another worthy finish.

  Linda had 2 creations to share. She is a longarm quilter who makes art quilts (a lot of them!) These are her newest finishes. The first is a colorful crazy type...
The second is a small wall quilt, very vibrant colors and densely quilted. The leaves appear to be floating on a breeze...
    I had a lovely surprise waiting for me on Thursday after school. A nice big box in my garage the mailman left for me. Inside was the antique quilt I've had on layaway with Jean S. Lyle  since the Des Moines Quilt Expo! I took it with me for show'n'tell...
  Remember the story? The basket block was made by the quilter's little granddaughter on a visit and then the next visit when grandma was ready to quilt it, the granddaughter asked where her block was and grandma took out one of her own blocks and sewed the granddaughter's basket block into the quilt before quilting. I just love this quilt and the story is a big part of the reason why. Since I learned to sew from my Grandma when I was only 4 yrs. old, this story really struck a chord with me. I love the unexpected poison green sawtooth border too.

  Closeup of the rogue Basket block...
   Imagine the patience it took to rip out a block and then set in the basket block after the borders were already in place. What a loving grandmother she must have been. The elderly owner of this quilt  had fallen  on hard times and reluctantly had to sell some family heirloom quilts to make some money. I can promise her this quilt will be cherished as if it had been my grandmother who made it and I'll keep the story with it to honor that grandmother of long ago and the dear little basket maker.

  After breakfast club, with no other plans, I decided to go antiqueing in Kalona on the way home. I ended up spending the whole day! I bought several orphan blocks and a wonderful vintage doll quilt. I'll have to take a picture of it to share next time.

  Sunday after church, Randy and I went to Williamsburg to the outlet mall; then on the way home we met Isaah at a restaurant in Coralville for a late lunch/early supper. Of course we had to go to the Coral Ridge Mall for dessert at Whitey's Icecream. Yum! Randy and I finished the weekend watching a movie on DVD, "Breaking Dawn" when we got home. I sewed the last 4 paper-pieced blocks for my pink and brown Reap the Whirlwind mini before I went to bed. I need to remove the last of the paper before I can sew the blocks together.

  I hope you all had a fun weekend  with plenty of down time too. Till next time, keep stitching!



  1. I love the story about your new quilt. I think that is the thing that non quilters don't get. They just see a blanket, but to people quilt, they see not just the quilt itself, but all the stories that go with it!!

  2. Great quilts from your group.....I love that spark of blue on Maureen's quilt. And the antique quilt you purchased is wonderful! Love the story. That must have been very hard to part sad when folks have to sell off their family heirlooms. But so glad it has found a good home!

  3. Such a great show and tell - love that lone basket!

  4. The basket block is a surprise in the antique quilt. Love the story.