Monday, April 30, 2012

Kalona Quilt Show

   This past weekend was the annual Kalona Quilt Show. Of course, that meant a road trip for Kayla , Jane, and me. It was their first time, but I've went almost every year for 20 years. It is a different type of quilt show. All of the quilts are for sale over the three day event. As a quilt sells, another quilt is hung in its place, so the quilt show is different depending on which day you go. If I lived in Kalona, I'd go everyday. We went on Saturday and, believe me, all the good quilts were NOT gone! There is always a good mix of new and antique quilts. I mainly go to see the antique quilts. I always wish I had a few extra thousand dollars in my bank account that I could spend there. The prices range from $125 - $5500. I think I saw one that said $6200 this year! I took plenty of pictures to share over the next few posts.

This is the first quilt we saw entering the show. WOW!!!

Next to that one...
And then...
Those first three quilts were breath-taking applique and convinced me how truly inept I am at it.

This one was called Indian Teepees...

There are always newly made Amish quilts to tempt you. This was crib-size...

This was my favorite antique quilt. I've never seen flying geese on the diagonal like this. I couldn't find the $2250 they wanted for it anywhere in my wallet! Oh, how I wanted to bring that quilt home! It was Civil War Era using a madder stripe  with muslin background and dense quilting.

A wonderful 1880's Ohio Star...

An unusual deep teal color in this beauty...

And a red and white Ocean Waves that reminded me of the recent show (I missed) out East...
  We had a great day. After the quilt show we visited several of the Amish country stores in the area and headed home inspired and ready to quilt. The only down side was the weather Saturday. It was chilly and drizzly. I'll share more show pictures tomorrow. Keep stitching!



  1. These quilts are all stunning! I, too, love that diagonal flying geese! So unexpected! Thanks for sharing the pics.....can't wait to see more!

  2. What a great opportunity to see and buy some great quilts! Thanks for sharing the photos....

  3. Ooohh la la, thanks for the eye candy!!

  4. Oh, good grief!!! Missed opportunity!! We went to Iowa City on Saturday to visit a daughter, took her some hostas, and took her out to eat. We could have easily taken a little jog to Kalona on the way home. I think I'd better mark my calendar for next year I couldn't afford the ones I'd really want, but I'd love to see them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Great photos. Looking forward to more. I like that Ohio Star....

  6. Great photos, thankyou for sharing these, what wonderful inspirations they are, gorgeous quilts!!!!

  7. beautifull quilts and beautiful hand quilting!
    thanks for sharing...what a great day you must have had

  8. These quilts are amazing. I've always wanted to go to the show but have never been there yet. Hopefully one day!