Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Kalona Quilt Show Finale!

  Feeling better tonight. I've been quilting and eating some ice cream, all settled in for the night, and then I remembered I needed to show the last of the pictures. So here we go.

A little blurry but a nice Devil's Claw quilt in red and white with indigo centers...

This red and white School House quilt was stunning...

I love this color combination. I saw it on someone else's blog today. Can't remember which one, but that means a fellow blogger was at the show. Darn, we could have met.
A closeup. The centers are a red print, but reads pink at a distance...

This quilt was touching. If you click on the picture and enlarge it you should be able to read it. It sounds like a Sunday School class made this quilt for someone with a terminal illness. I forgot to take a picture of the whole quilt...

I was sorely tempted to buy this last one. It was in my price range, but I'm going to Maine in a month and I know I'll find goodies I want to buy there. I need to be saving! I never met a Basket quilt I didn't like  and this was a nice early example with poison green, my favorite...

That's all for this year's show. I'm sure next year's will be just as good and I already look forward to it. There aren't as many local quilt shows anymore, but I try to get to all of them I can. Until next time, keep stitching.



  1. What a touching label. Just goes to show how important they are for years to come.
    I love the school house quilt.
    I see you have recently become a follower of my blog....thank you!

  2. Thanks for sharing these quilts. I so enjoyed them!

  3. The schoolhouse quilt would be my choice to have or replicate. Love the red and white combo. But I like the basket quilt very much too.

  4. Love that basket quilt...! I made a school house quilt in blues years ago for my Dad who was a principal.

  5. I adore antique quilts, and your posts on the show have been great. Thanks for sharing them.

  6. What a lovely verse on the label! Thank goodness they thought to do that, else we would never have known! Thankyou for sharing your visit to the quilt show!!!

  7. What a gorgeous array of quilts! I especially loved the pink and green one with that being one of my favorite color combos. Thank you so much for sharing these beauties with us.

  8. quilt shows are such fun to goto, one of these days I'm going to be brave & enter one lol! we have a quilt show coming here next month can't wait, thanks for sharign all the beautiful quilts