Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Little Garden Tour

   Last year I promised to post pictures of my garden when I had a better camera. I took these pictures last week. Of course, this week my garden has already changed. Now I need to take new pictures and I haven't even posted the last ones!

This is the view out my bedroom window. It's part of my back woodland garden (thru the screen so it's blurry,Sorry!)

 From my front door, my hosta garden of over 250 varieties...

Facing East towards the driveway. I don't have a front yard. You have to walk thru my garden to get to the front door...

Facing West from my front door. The path continues on around the side and into the back garden. The old pump was an anniversary gift from Randy on our 25th....
My koi pond off the screened porch in back...

An area of the woodland garden looking back towards my bedroom.  The old fence came with me from Dallas City. It belonged to an old gentleman I knew there...

Some of my clematis...

I collect old galvanized garden and farm items and build "people" from them. They live in my back sun garden. Here is Mr. Galva on the right and his son, Galva Jr. on the left (with the sailor cap on)...

Meet his lovely wife, Mrs. Galva. Randy was embarrassed that I gave her "boobs"....
 The huge climbing rose on the fence is now covered with hundreds of light pink blooms. I'll take another picture of it to post. The Galva family are standing among my daylilies that are yet to bloom. By the second week in June it will look like a Monet painting out there. The red building is the 3 hole outhouse I moved with me from Dallas City, Illinois in 1997. It was from my Mother's 90+ year old cousin's farm outside of Kingston, Iowa. It has the insulated knobs on the side where the "tight old farmer" had electrified the outhouse rather than install an indoor bathroom! It even has a child-size hole with steps in front of it for his grandchildren to climb up themselves. I brought it home to DC from his estate sale and spent a hot month of July renovating it and turning it into my garden shed (much to my husband's dismay.) I enjoyed every hot minute of it. I held an "outhouse open house for gardening friends and neighbors when it was done. You can imagine how thrilled Randy was when I wanted to move the outhouse to Mt. Pleasant several years later when we moved here. I insisted I wouldn't move without it! We loaded it on a flatbed trailor. Randy said he felt like the Beverly Hillbillies going down the interstate pulling that behind us! He was mortified and I was thrilled to bring it to our new home. :) Our realtor said she'd never had a client who moved an outhouse with them. Imagine that! The next year, I held an "Outhouse Reunion" and invited everyone to Mt. Pleasant to attend along with some new friends here. Randy did NOT attend. Hmmm, not sure why. It needs a new roof and paint job this summer. It will be a labor of love.

  I need to go sit at the quilt frame and do some stitching. More later. Till then, keep stitching!



  1. Oh my! Just lovely! I have no gardening talent, but I do enjoy the efforts of others - thank you for sharing!

  2. How relaxing it all looks - not the maintaining but the end result. Outstanding work and design.

  3. Thanks so much for your garden tour...hope I can see it in person someday. Does it take you just hours and hours to take care of it?
    Do you have a guild that you belong to there? If you could let me know who to contact about a trunk show, I would appreciate it!

  4. What a wonderful garden! I especially like your out house! What a neat story. Too funny!

  5. Love the story about the outhouse....your garden is like mine, it changes everyday and it is beautiful. We need to get together soon.

  6. Oh! I would love to take a walk through your garden...it is amazing. The outhouse is great! I collect all kinds of "funky junk" and use it in my gardens. Mine is still a work in progress, but I don't think a garden is ever really "finished".

  7. Becky, your post had me laughing out loud! I check your blog every so often and really enjoy reading it and seeing your quilts. I am a history lover and quilt lover also (and garden lover!). Your garden is just wonderful, thanks so much for taking the time to photo it and post the pictures. I imagine when you are not quilting you are gardening! Mary H, Richmond Virginia

  8. Hey, Aunt Bec! Just catching up on a few posts. Am loving those baby quilts! So sweet. And the garden looks wonderful. I sure envy you your shade gardens. Please do post more pics once that back border is blooming. XOXO!

  9. I enjoyed the saga of the much-traveled outhouse.
    The one at my grandfather's farm was situated in the end of the woodshed, so no one had to go all the way outdoors to the 'necessary.'

  10. Absolutely gorgeous! I love love love the hostas!

  11. I loved the garden tour, you should do it again when the lilies bloom. Also, the outhouse story was great. I've used them many times in my youth as we never had indoor plumbing at Gramma's house. I don't know how you keep your garden, the koi pool, quilt and lecture and many other things, I'm sure. But you do it all so well. Fun reading your blogs..

  12. What a magnificent garden! It has a wild and carefree spirit and I love it to bits!!! Thankyou for sharing it, and I'm so on your side for not wanting to leave the 'dunny' (Aussie for outhouse!) behind when you moved, it adds great charm and sophistication - to me anyway! in fact I'm going to be on the lookout for such an wonderous garden mansion myself LOL!!! What a great feature! As I live in a rural area I shouldn't have too much trouble trying to track one down! I bet you DID look quite a sight down the highway, but hey! I bet more people smiled than groaned huh!!!!!