Friday, July 6, 2012

8 Days of Bliss with my Sis in Maine!

  My trip to Maine was wonderful. It was great having 8 days to spend with my sister. With Melissa away on business in Ohio and Indiana, we were left to our own devices to entertain ourselves till she got home on Thursday. Never a problem for us! It helped that Melissa had rented a car for us and left a fully stocked refrigerator to make life easy. Who wants to waste time cooking?

  Not wanting to waste a minute of our time together, we left early Wednesday morning for our favorite  antique shops in southern Maine. By noon I had bought 3 full-size Civil War Era quilts!!! Score! When I asked a dealer why CW quilts were so readily available and reasonably priced, he replied with a smug attitude, " We are 400 years old here. The Civil War is a small blip on our radar!" Well! It is MY blip and I'm happy to relieve them of their surplus CW quilts! Here is day one's haul...

  The one draped over the chairs in the back is my favorite. It has sashing in a poison green print and lots of pinks and browns in the blocks. See the child's Singer sewing machine sitting on top? I picked that up for $12! Obviously, they didn't know what they had. It was dated 1900. I don't collect them, but I know a bargain when I see one and it looks darn cute in my sewing room.

  It was Jimmie's  birthday, so we had pizza and this yummidy triple berry cream cheese tart for dessert. It was as delicious as it looks!

  We had planned to go to Vermont, but went to New Hampshire instead, with no set plan other than to hit every antique shop that looked interesting. Oh, they have some very interesting antique shops there! Remember in my last post I said I wanted to find a Civil War doll quilt? Wellll, I did and it is very special. I paid more for it than any of the full-sized ones. I can't imagine I'll ever find another to compare with it.

  As luck would have it (and I seemed to be having plenty of luck this trip!) I found the 4 poster doll bed at another shop the same day. It was like the quilt was made for it. The quilt has the tiniest binding you can imagine in a cinnamon pink print and a tiny brown print for the backing. The rows of "leaning" diamonds are in reds, browns, corals, and creams. It was obviously made by a doting mother of means with plenty of free time to make such a meticulously pieced treasure for her little girl. It must have been lovingly cared for to survive in such pristine condition.

  Later that day, I bought a walnut doll bed from a dealer as he took it out the back of his partner's truck in front of his shop. I didn't give him time to think about it before I made an offer. He didn't need to clean it or find a spot for it in his shop, so he made me a good deal. It is a little large for my house, so it was a challenge finding floor space for it. I now have three doll beds of different sizes to display my doll quilt collection on. I am adding a "doll bed turning" to my repertoire.

Don't they "play well" together? Here they are at the UPS store ready to ship home..
   UPS carefully wrapped them and smothered them in "popcorn" in a large box. They arrived safe and sound Friday evening at 5PM.  UPS is great.

   On Sunday, the 25th, Jimmie, Sandra, and I went to an antique show in Wells, ME held on the grounds of an historical farm, the name of which escapes me now. It was hot, but we were ready to suffer for the opportunity to find more treasures. It was a large show with dealers from all the New England states there.
Sissy and I taking a break on the farmhouse porch.

   My find of the day? An 1860's baby quilt with poison green sashing and tiny 3"  9-patch blocks. I tried to walk away from it, but it's siren song lured me back and the dealer and I struck a deal. It now shares the distinction of vying for my favorite Maine treasure along with the doll quilt.
   I think I'll close for now and reserve some goodies for my next post. Next year we plan to arrive in Maine during the Brimfield Antique Show in Massachusetts. Yikes, I need to start saving for it now!!!

Keep stitching!


  1. What finds! When you spend money on something you really love, you never regret it. Thanks for sharing your new additions with us!

  2. As a fellow doll bed collector, it was a delight to read your post and see all your amazing finds! You truly hit the jackpot on this trip. The Civil War doll quilt is a beauty and the doll beds are most charming. The baby quilt is also a treasure.

  3. I know my blood would run Green with envy!! Your finds are wonderful and it was a pleasure to see them..thanks so much for posting the pictures..I just love the doll beds and I am a wannebee collector of beds and doll quilts. I love the New England states and would love to visit again sometime. I will look forward to your next installment, soon I hope.

  4. Oh my goodness! What a wonderful haul you made! I am so envious of all those 400 year old places! WOW! In Utah we are still infants I think! We are lucky to find anything older than 1900 that is still in one piece! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous quilts!

  5. What great finds you had! Love the 9-patch crib quilt. I have a 4-5 doll beds making little quilts for them!

  6. You lucky duck. Makes me want to plan a trip to Maine right away! Being from California we don't have that kind of inventory in our Antique shops. sigh. but thanks for posting your great finds.
    cheers, Claire W.

  7. What a wonderful trip, and such gorgeous goodies too!!! You did well finding those beautiful doll beds!!!!

  8. Lucky Ladies! Wish I were there!

  9. So jealous!!!! Sounds like a perfect vacation to me!!!! Love all your wonderful finds!!!!