Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Final Day in Florissant!

  After the excitement of visiting the vault and talking late, we finally got some much needed sleep Friday night. We packed our bags, ate breakfast, and checked out of our hotel. The workshop for Saturday was Reap the Whirlwind. Most of the same ladies took this one too, but there were a few new faces as well. Another fun day ahead. The "Over-Achievers" didn't have as much done before hand this time. I actually got to teach a little! Ha ha. A couple of them worked on the paper-pieced mini version, a few did a crib or wall-size, and the rest planned to make a full-size quilt. Again the color and fabric choices were varied. What fun seeing them go together!
   It actually got real quiet at times when they were hard at work. It didn't last long though! Out of all this class clutter came beautiful results.

                                     So exciting getting that first block done and it turns out right!

                                      Navy and cheddar, YUM...

 Later in the day as work progressed...This red, black, gray quilt was being made for a son who picked out his own fabric. It is a bold look.

I love the raspberry pink and chocolate brown corner triangles in this setting...

Carolyn, (one of the "O-A'S") modified my pattern and made it her own, tricky girl! Love the blue and pink!

A scrappy version using my red/green color scheme, very effective...

  We ate another scrumptious lunch at the Whistle Stop cafe, YUM; then it was back to work. the day flew by, but everyone got a good portion of their tops done. At 3PM Kayla and I reluctantly packed up to go home. I remembered to take a class picture (I forgot to take one the first day, darn it!) I really felt like I had met and made new friends there. If I lived there I'd definitely join the Flower Valley Quilt Guild.

Here's my Saturday Class...
Front row, left to right: Judy, Beverly, Vickie Ungers (V.P.), Kathy(Pres.) Back row left to right: Carolyn, Susan, Me, Carol, Julie, Connie, Rita, Cynthia. One left early before the picture.

  We were about 5 minutes away and congratulating ourselves on our getting on the road earlier than expected, (thanks to the ladies helping us carry out and load the General) when my cell phone rang. It was Kathy Parks calling to say Kayla left her jacket and I left my felt design board...oops! We made a quick u-turn, got our stuff, and were still on our way by 3:30 PM. I don't go anywhere without having to return at least once for something I forgot. It's heck to get old and forgetful!

  I forgot to post the picture of Jan Copeland's Dear Jane quilt yesterday. It is too gorgeous to leave out. Jan is on the right...

   Remember I was quilting the CW quilt my niece bought me last year? I got it finished and bound in time to take to Florissant. It was the first time I'd quilted Baptist Fans and I like how it turned out. I used a thin wool batting and the original backing fabric. It had been a tied quilt with one inch thick wool batting and HEAVY! I was able to bind it with a repro of one of the paisley madder prints that was in the quilt. It originally had the front and back turned in and whip-stitched closed-no binding.

                                       A look at the back before removing it from the quilt frame...
                                     The front...

                         The madder paisley repro binding...
  I really love this quilt. The almost periwinkle sashing is so unusual with those madder prints. It's one of my favorites. I'm not currently sewing on any project, though I have plenty begun. I have my new pattern line to work on and school starts soon, so I need to keep my nose to the grindstone till they are all written. I hope you are all sewing at least and until I have time, keep stitching,



  1. What a fun time. I love those blocks! Very clever design.

  2. Looked like they all had a great time in class. I really like that block design, too!

  3. Wow, you had one good time, I think!! The Whistle Stop cafe looks wonderful and the VAULT, OMG, what a stash that gal has. It would have wonderful to see all of the vintage fabric in one place. I bet you were in "hog heaven", I know I would have been. Your classes looked great too. I believe you got completely energized...great reading your blog!!

  4. Your Baptist Fan quilting is just phenomenal!!!! It is such a perfect quilting design for that quilt, I love the colours and simple blocks - just wonderful and inspiring!!!!
    What a great time all you girls had, your classes would have been wonderful to attend, I bet you are 'good' tired, take care!!!!