Monday, July 16, 2012

Maine Again...

  Yikes! Has it really been a week since I last posted? Yep. Sorry. I have had a daily battle going on with my koi pond. Yes, still! Every single day I've had to add 2-4" of water. I definitely have a leak...not the best news. Besides the leak, I still can't get it cleaned enough so the filter doesn't need cleaned once a day. I did have 40 hours without cleaning it a week ago, but I'm back to about 12 hours a day. My conclusion is, unfortunately, I'm giving up on having a pond. I drained it and put a new 20 year liner in it 3 years ago and it was an 18 hour process by myself. I'm 3 years older now and my back just won't let me do that kind of hard labor. I hate it. but it's the right decision. I can't ignore the problem, because come cold weather I can't add water everyday and my fish would freeze in too shallow water. I'm going to advertise my 23 koi, some of which are 14" -16" long and beautiful, my 2000 gph pump, my new pond vac, etc. It breaks my heart, but it's cutting into the time I need to run my business. I just hope I can find good homes for my koi. They are really pampered pets and I'll miss them. 

   Besides all the pond troubles, I've been getting ready to speak and teach 3 days in Florrisant, MO for the Flower Valley Quilt Guild this Thursday, Friday, Saturday. I've been cutting new kits, printing patterns, and preparing props for my workshops. I spoke with the vice president of the guild yesterday for over half an hour. She was excited about me coming and that got me excited and we just had a good old talk. She said they have a Civil War group within their guild and they are taking my workshops for sure. I know it will be a really fun group. I've been auditioning which quilts to take for my display too. After adding  my new purchases from Maine, I can't take everything I usually do. It's way too much. So, I'm tweaking my display. Only the best items will make the cut. Kayla is going with me to help and to have fun with when I'm not teaching. Our hotel is about 200 feet from Helen's Hen House, a quilt shop loaded with CW fabrics, I've been told. Oh, we'll have fun there for sure!

    I got a set of pictures printed from all the ones I took in Maine last month to give to Mom. She's never been to Maine and isn't able to travel, so these pictures will have to suffice. It reminded me that I hadn't shared more of them with my followers.

   I found this CW doll quilt (top) at Lucy's Doll Shop in Camden, ME. The vintage doll dress came from Wiscassett, ME.

   Here are a few of the fabulous English, French, and German 1870-1880's doll houses at Lucy's...

   Here I am with the harbor behind me in Camden. I just can't get enough of looking at the sailboats, seagulls, and scenery Camden has to offer...

This man with his pampered bulldog made me laugh and I had to take his picture.

   The view from the north end of Camden's downtown. Who wouldn't want to explore all the quaint little shops along this street?

  On the way home from Camden, we stopped in Wiscassett at an antique shop that was closed. It was pouring down rain, but the place looked incredible, so Jimmie volunteered to go to the door and see if they'd let us in. The shop is in the owner's 200+ year old home and she was having cheese and wine with friends after hours, but Jimmie can be very charming. He came back to the car with a big grin on his face and told us we could go in! Her home/shop was fantastic and she was very gracious about our intrusion after closing. She had tons of early antique furniture and primitive items and best of all...quilts! It was hard to choose, but I bought a CW Basket quilt in red and green on white with tiny quilting. It was my last purchase this trip. I have a real weakness for basket quilts and this one is special.

  It's nice to be home again, but I am already  dreaming about next year's trip. Who knows what adventures Sissy and I will experience then? We have a year to plan and save for it. Till then, I have those pictures to remind me.

Keep stitching,


  1. What wonderful quilts you found! I love doll quilts - and the basket quilt is fabulous. DH & I are planning a trip to New England in September and plan to spend about a month there in our camper. Can't wait! I hope to see Jane Stickle's quilt while there.

  2. The basket quilt is wonderful! Lucky you to get to shop after hours. And the seller and shop owner made some money. I like the quilting design on this one too. Do you find the prices on antique quilts lower than a couple years ago?

  3. I don't get to the coast as often as I would like (we live inland in Maine), but Camden and Wiscasset are two of my favorite towns! So glad you picked up that beautiful basket's found a good home, for sure!

  4. Next summer I plan on spending some time at my sister's cabin up in Maine...need to start saving for my quilt adventures now! Have fun at your lectures!

  5. What a wonderful trip, thankyou for sharing it in photos!! How lucky were you to get into that shop and take home such a wonderful basket quilt, it was meant to be yours LOL!!!!