Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Coming Up for Air!

   Whew! It has been hectic getting the Love & Valor quilt series written, but I got the last pattern to the printer yesterday. I can finally come up for air. To write the directions for some of them, I had to make a block or two to refresh my memory on how I made them. The collection of quilts were made last year in anticipation of a book. That was a complicated process, and I decided to do a new series of patterns instead. They will be available for purchase by Labor Day weekend. If you are a shop owner, I do sell wholesale. Everyone else, please ask your favorite shop to carry them. Ask for Orphans of War, the Love & Valor series c2012. Here is a peak at some of them...

Jacob's Cot Quilt...
This is Emeline's Garden Baskets...(unquilted in this picture)
Hardtack & Coffee...(also unquilted here)
   I'm doing a photo shoot with the L&V quilts at a 1869 mansion in Bonaparte, Iowa this Saturday. I plan on using the pictures I take there for the  pictures on the front of the patterns.

  On Sunday, after early church service, Randy and I went to the Burlington Pigeon Show (flea market). I'd never been to it, but I'll be going back! You can find a little bit of everything there, from chickens, ducks, bunnies, garden produce, antiques, and junk. We ran into our friends, Tim and Jane Bell, there. Jane had spotted some quilt things and told me I should look at them. She was right! They were a collection of hand-made quilt stencils dating back 50 years that had belonged to a lady who had quilted with the Zion Church in Burlington for all those years. Jane bought a box of border stencils (she got first pick, because she saw them first) and I bought the rest. We plan on borrowing from each other though. Here is a mere sampling of what I bought.

    The box full of goodies...

Some of what was in the box...

  There were many many more stencils. I will see if the Stencil Company will produce some of them for me in plastic. I will definitely use them in future quilting projects. I'll bet that quilter that made them (now deceased) would be happy to know another quilter has them and will treasure and use them.

  I even bought some orphan blocks...

  The pink was never finished. I think the quilter was in over her head on that one. Love the red "Sawtooth" block with it's wonky triangles. The 1940's fabric in the Periwinkle is yummidy. I'd like to see it reproduced (even though it isn't Civil War Era!)

  School starts Thursday, so I have 2 days to enjoy before then. I'm off to Mom's today, but tomorrow I'll be quilting again. Yippee!

 Keep stitching,




  1. The basket quilt strikes my fancy. A bit different and I like that.

  2. Wonderful new designs, and what a great find with the stencils - sure hope some are reproduced, as they are unique looking.

  3. Wow - you've certainly had your nose to the grindstone! Love the quilts! What finds at the Pigeon Show - who would have thought! How lucky you are to have them now and put them back into circulation!

  4. You lucky duck:) What a treasure. I am not usually a basket gal, but I love the basket quilt. Also, I love that the stencils still exist for us to admire and learn from. Thank you for sharing.

  5. What a great find, those stencils are just priceless! Your quilts look fabulous, will have to keep an eye out for the patterns!!!

  6. Oh my goodness, thanks for the beautiful preview pictures of those gorgeous quilts! WOW! You have been busy! I anticipate owning a few new patterns!

  7. Thanks for the preview of some of your quilt collection in anticipation of a book. Such an exciting time for you.
    Those stencils were quite a find. I never find such useful things at sales or auctions or markets. I'm sure you'll put them to use.