Saturday, December 8, 2012

Christmas Time Again!

   It's been a busy time in the Wright house lately. I've drawn and redrawn house plans, met with the builders, and seen & approved their professional version of my drawings. The best news is Randy has agreed to these plans and now we only have to sell our house to get started! Despite all the new house frenzy, I still have to get ready for Christmas too. I've been sewing/quilting Christmas gifts in spare moments. Here is the latest one before being quilted...

    It's a quilt I created about 18 years ago for a gift for my Mom. I borrowed it last week so I could make new ones. I didn't write the directions for this back then. It was before I had started my business, Orphans of War. The original was pieced from Christmas fabrics. All my Christmas fabrics are in storage now for the move! The new ones are being made in red and green Civil War prints.  I love the look.

   I'm not putting up my Christmas Village at home this year, because of showing the house. My son is unhappy with me for that. He loves tradition and I traditionally have a village every year! I think he'll forgive me. :0 I promised that next year I'd "go all out" with it in the new house. I did put up the village in the media center the Sunday after Thanksgiving so it would be there for the high school kids to see Monday morning.

   They love the tradition too! It's set in the 1950's complete with muscle cars, a woody station wagon, a black n white police car, a John Deere tractor, Yellow Taxi, and a red Ford pickup

   Then last weekend I went to Mom's and set up her village, an 1800's display like mine.

    Randy and Isaah put up her new 7 1/2' skinny tree that my sister bought for her while I "built" houses. I took pictures of her tree skirt I had made for her back in 1991. I made 2 for myself, but a few years ago, mice chewed  holes in mine and I had to discard them. I want to make new ones using hers as a pattern.

                            I made them from my imagination and inspiration from Jan Patek books.

  The timer is going off for my lasagne. I better stop and set the table for Randy. He'll be home anytime now and hungry! I hope you're all getting ready for your own Christmas and enjoy time with your families during this blessed time.  Keep stitching!



  1. I like the tree skirt. Prim style good.

    Not too many people look at homes for sale over the holidays. You probably would have been safe in setting up the village. But then if someone did want to look, realtors say to have everything neutral so that people aren't looking at your collections instead of the house.

  2. Love the tree skirt I did something like that years ago too! I used Gerry Kimmel/Red Wagon designs.
    which of course where jan patek got her start I believe ! the little quilt looks great in REpros!

  3. Your quilt is beautiful Becky, I love it!
    I did smile about the village. My Mum has one, we all roll our eyes and pretend we don't like it, but when she was late putting it up one year, my brother and his partner raised an outcry :-D

  4. I love your Christmas village! I have a pleasant memory of those from when my grandma and grandma used to decorate with those on a ledge on their stairway landing. How kind of you to set up your mom's. You did a wonderful job! I have a few Christmas village houses but not nearly that many.

  5. I just thought of something that was mentioned to me when I built my house. If you do outdoor Christmas lights, put an outlet in each of the gables so you can plug them in up there and don't have to run a bunch of extension cords. Then put those outlets on their own light switch in a laundry or utility room so you can just flip a switch to turn them on and off.
    Have a beautiful Christmas season.

  6. wow I loved seeing your villages! I bet the kids really loved it at school. What a lovely surprise for them.
    Your mothers is wonderful as well. I started collected about 7 years ago. I've posted a video of mine on my blog - it was easy and fun to make. - the video, not the set up, as you know.
    I love the different levels in yours. Always fun to see how someone else does theirs - thanks for sharing them.!