Sunday, December 2, 2012

What a Find!

   During show 'n' Tell at the November Breakfast Club at Inspirations quilt shop, look what a member shared. She got this c1850's quilt at a thrift store in the Iowa City area for $45!!! It is a real beauty with wonderful fabrics in very good condition. Of course, I had to have a close look and get some pictures. I tried my best to buy it from her, but she wants to hang on to it for awhile. Who can blame her?!

   OMG! Can you believe it? Isn't it gorgeous? The aqua fabric is an ombre print, oh, so beautiful. I get first chance at it if she decides to sell it. It would be a nice addition to my Civil War disply, don't you agree?

   Here is a picture of my latest news on our house building adventure...
   Our lot is officially ours now! We closed on it November 20th. That lovely slope will allow for the large egress windows in my quilt studio. We have house plans to approve this week. We are going to start showing our house to sell this week too.

   I want to thank all of you who entered my giveaway and shared such wonderful tips and ideas for my studio. I am going to incorporate all of them that I can! Thanks! Congratulations to Kathy from Missouri who won and I hope she got the package alright.

   I have more pictures to share, but it's already past my bedtime on a school night. I'll try to post again tomorrow evening. Till then, Keep Stitching!



  1. That quilt is a beauty! What a lucky find! Congrats on the lot! I look forward to seeing your quilt studio take shape!

  2. Gee I'd have a hard time letting that go too! She must have been hyperventilating when she found it for $45... Amazing. Love the ombré blue. Fantastic that those browns are in good condition. What was the quilting like? And did you get a good look at the binding?

  3. An incredible find! We all know there are treasures out there just waiting for a quilter who knows her stuff.

    Thank you for sharing this?

  4. The lot is exciting. Looking forward to watching the studio grow.

  5. The blue is amazing! I always hear stories like that but never seem to live one....

  6. That quilt is amazing and beautiful! What a find for sure! Congrats on the home excitement!

  7. What a deal! Those things never find their way to me.

  8. Hi Becky,
    What a great find and only $45. WOW. She was in the right place at the right time. Glad it went to someone who will love it. I did get my package as the winner of your contest and showed it to all the girls. They rolled their eyes at me and laughed at how lucky I always am. Just wish that luck would carry over to the lottery. LOL! I guess I'm just have to win fabric and quilting related items.