Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Fun on Christmas Break

  A little late, but Happy New Year everyone! We survived the near miss of the "end of the world" and the fall from the fiscal cliff. Don't we feel lucky? I really wasn't worried about either one, were you? Life is too short to worry about things that are out of our control and not likely to happen anyway.

  We had a great Christmas. Isaah was home for five days and Randy took vacation all week, so there was lots of family time. I managed to sew while the "boys" watched sports or movies without me. Here's my latest mini I'm quilting on...

    Those Square in a Square blocks  are a petite 2". Aren't they cute? I used the smallest of my Civil War repro scraps to make them. "Waste not, want not!"

   The Friday after Christmas, Randy and I took a day trip to the Figge Museum in Davenport, Iowa. They have an exhibition of "27 priceless quilts from the celebrated collection of the American Folk Art Museum, New York." It runs through February 3, 2013. OMG!!! It was fantastic. If you are anywhere near, go see these quilts.You won't be disappointed. You can only take photos of the few displayed on the ground floor, darn! The bulk of the display is on the fourth floor. I spent nearly 2 hours studying 27 quilts. I stood with tears in my eyes studying and trying to memorize every detail of an 1853 applique quilt in cheddar, red, poison green, and chrome yellow that was simply amazing. I would nearly give anything to own it. It killed me to walk away without taking a picture of it, but I really didn't want to be arrested or escorted out by museum guards. To appease myself, I bought the book  "Quilts: Masterworks from the American Folk Art Museum" by Elizabeth V. Warren, which is a pictorial guide for this collection. It was worth every penny of the $75 price tag, once I saw that "my teary-eyed amazing wonder" was in it! Each quilt is shown full page size with wonderful captions telling about when, where, and who made them if known. The one I fell in love with is on page 116 and 117. The caption reads, "Sarah Ann Garges Applique Bedcover : Sarah Ann Garges (c. 1834-1887) Doylestown, Pennsylvania, dated 1853." It is a pimitive folkart style with pieced blocks and applique scenes depicting farm life in mid 19th century America.

  Here are photos of another primitive applique quilt on the 1st floor called, "Sacret Bibel" Quilt Top made by Susan Arrowood, date unknown for her, but the quilt is estimated to have been made between 1875-1895. The stitches aren't perfect, but the quilt is very whimsically appealing and spirit-filled.
The whole quilt...

                                                              Jesus in the garden...

                                                               John baptizing Jesus...

                                                                      The "Saints"....

                                                                          The Choir...

                                                                       Church folk...

                                                                            Noah's Ark...

                                                                    The Preacher...

                                                                Ladies going to church...

The Twelve Disciples...

                       I love and collect antique doll quilts. I was happy to see they had 3 on display...

                                                 An 1880's 9-Patch on a vintage metal bed...

                                                                An 1890-1920 Amish doll quilt...
                                 My favorite! An 1860's 4-patch with applique hearts and stars...
                                                                            A closer look....

  After the museum we drove to LeClaire to the Expressions in Thread quilt shop, very nice. Of course, I bought some Civil War repros I didn't already have. Pamela, the owner bought my patterns for her shop and scheduled a weekend in May for my presentation and a full day workshop featuring my pattern, Hardtack and Coffee. I didn't get photos of her shop, but I will when I speak and teach there in May.

  There was a business in the block behind the quilt shop that Randy and I both were interested in...
   Do you recognize it? It's Antique Archaeology from the The History Channel's show "American Pickers."
If you watch the show, you'll probably recognize some of these antiques on display inside. None of which is for sale!) And, Mike and Frank were not there, darn it!

    It was a very enjoyable trip! In fact, the whole Christmas break was fun. Randy returned to work on his birthday, Jan. 2nd and I was back in school on the 3rd. Oh well!
    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and enjoyed a happy and safe New Year's Day. May 2013 be filled with friends, fabric, quilts, and quilting for us all. Keep stitching!



  1. Oh my goodness, your square in a square mini is gorgeous! What a project. It kind of makes my head itch to think about all those tiny pieces.
    I love the teary eyed story. I love that you were able to take some pictures of the beauty home with you, even if it were for $75. What a great trip.

  2. your square in a square quilt is amazing, I have not seen a hoop like this before. do you like it?
    easy to hold? Its a great book and I KNOW what quilt your talking about it has always been one of my favorites it was displayed in NYC before they closed and I stood there for a good hour studying it. tells such a story doesn't it?
    its such a great book, I look at it all the time

  3. your wee tiny block are just precious. Love the scrappy colors.
    Thanks for sharing the doll quilt display.
    What a treat to see the Bible quilt, it has always fascinated me.

  4. Tiny SIAS has such beautiful fabrics; I'm in the same camp as you. Nothing that will show even a quarter inch gets tossed.
    The doll quilts are wonderful to see. The Amish one with the soft, faded-looking fabrics, and the applique on the 4 patch - never seen that done before. Bet you've sparked lots of ideas!

  5. That is so cool that you visited American Pickers' store. But what is with nothing being for sale? what kind of a store is that. Great museum visit. I'm sure it has inspired lots of ideas.

  6. Love, love, love your s-i-a-s quilt!!! It is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the museum photos. What fun! And so much inspiration, but, so little time! HUGS... and stitches

  7. Wonderful post! I want to hope in my car and head out to Davenport!

  8. A lovely post!! What a great exhibition to see, and thankyou for posting the photos of the quilts you could! My heart skipped a beat when I saw those little doll quilts, just gorgeous!
    Happy New Year to you!!

  9. I just love those little quilts, and your little square in a square blocks are just wonderful! Love seeing all of the other photos from your road trip.

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