Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My "Snew" Day!

   Mt. Pleasant got hit with a snow storm (5 1/2") on Tuesday and the school called a snow day. That wasn't good enough for this quilter! I called a "snew" day instead. I coined a new word for it when you have a day off work and you can sew all day. It's the best kind of day when the weather is hostile, don't you think? Today we have a 90 minute delay, just enough time so I can write a post!

   A couple weeks ago I doodled a quilt block on my mouse pad at work. I bought a dozen of these mouse pads on clearance for a quarter each, years before I had a computer. They are tablets of graph paper with 1/4" grid in the shape of a mouse pad, but very convenient to write on or doodle and rip off the page when full. Anyway, while waiting for the screen to come up, I doodled a block. Then last Monday after school, I cut fabrics to make the block. I loved it and my brain started churning...a new pattern was born.As with all my patterns, it had to have a Civil War story to go with it. I spent a couple days researching for the right one. The new pattern is called, "March on Cold Harbor." It's funny, because  recently I was asked if I had any new designs coming and I said inspiration hadn't hit me to. The ideas come when I least expect them and then it's like a runaway train till I get them into a finished quilt. Dear Jane is on "pause" for the time being. I can't show the quilt it till the pattern is printed,but I can give glimpses of the quilt in progress.


                                                                 Paper-pieced units...


                                                A stack of trimmed paper-pieced units...

                                                                 Rectangle units...

                                                      Finished pieces awaiting assembly...

   That's all I can share for now, but there is more to it than that. I spent my "snew" day working on the new quilt and made great progress. I hope to release the pattern this spring.

   One more picture to share. My friend, Kayla, shared this Civil War beauty for show n tell at February's Breakfast Club. I don't remember what she said the pattern was. I love that gold large scale print broder fabric.

   I'm off to work. Have a great day and keep stitching!



  1. Intriguing bits of block, looking forward to seeing the whole thing. I'm liking the idea of "snew day". It's my day off and snowing, so I'm declaring a snew day here.

  2. Can't wait to see your Cold Harbor quilt. We visted Cold Harbor several years ago, what an interesting place to see. In fact, my husband's great grandfather was in the battles there.

  3. I used to doodle at work too when things were slow. A graph paper pad would have been a good idea to have. I used to draw quick freehand graph paper if an idea popped into my head.

  4. Hi Becky, I just have a question that I'm sure you will be able to answer. My friend is just finishing a quilt made with Civil War fabric, although its a more modern design. We were discussing backing and I suggested muslin, as I thought it would be appropriate for the kind of fabric on the front. What are your thoughts? I so enjoy your column. Hoping you can come to San Antonio some time.

  5. Just a reminder to my Followers...if you are a noreply commenter, I can't answer your emails. I love all your comments and sometimes keep a running chat on a topic going with those I have a contact for.

  6. I look forward to more of your quilt design is revealed. I love your friends' 9-patch strippy!!!!

  7. Love the sound of a snew day!! Can't wait to see more of the new block. Have fun!