Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Feeling Motivated

      I finished the top for my new pattern, March on Cold Harbor. I wish I could share a photo, but I can't yet. It will be in the quilt frame as soon as Baby Jane B-4 is out of it and bound. After completing that top, I whipped up a new mini quilt for my boss, Angie. She had her second foot surgery for the year this month and came back to work on Monday, earlier than I expected. The quilt didn't have the binding on it till last night. I didn't give it to her today, because I want to take it to Breakfast Club Saturday for show' n' tell! She can wait till next week. The pattern was a freebie on Barbara Brackman's blog recently. I quickly made one block smaller (5")than the original pattern (12") finished, fell in love with it and had to make a mini quilt. I named it My Left Foot. It was her left foot that was operated on and it kind of looks like her foot in the after surgery "boot" she has to wear.

                                                     My Left Foot, 15' x 15"...


   No new Dear Jane blocks made recently while developing the new pattern. I took pictures tonight of some I have made from row B. These are B1, 2, &3...( made in 2007!)

                                                    B4, 5, &6...made 2-3 weeks ago...

                                                       B 7,8, &9... made 2-3 weeks ago...

                                          B 10 made 2 weeks ago & B 13 made in 2007...

    Thought I'd make B 11 tonight, but things didn't work out that way. I'll plan for tomorrow night. When I started Dear Jane back in 2007, I skipped around making blocks from different rows that were either EASY or intrigued me. Now with working on it with my friend, Jane, I need to finish out the rows in order. Jane is not helter skelter like me. She is very organized and meticulous and plans on sewing all the blocks in order. She already has the first 3 rows (A,B, &C) all done...39 blocks. My 56 block head start is looking mighty puny to me now! Of course, I'm not competitive or anything, honest! Let's just say Jane is motivating me big time, which is a good thing.

  Right now I'm motivated to go to bed! Past my bedtime on a school night. Keep stitching!



  1. My Left Foot is sweet as can be--and connecting it to your boss's surgery, well, the name was just meant to be.
    Great progress on your DJ blocks. Of course you're not competing, but a productive quilting friend can keep that gentle push on our back to keep going and to keep stitching.
    Enjoy the process! I'll enjoying seeing your blocks.

  2. I admirer quilters. I wish I had the knack, but have never attempted a quilt. There is a quilt store in Ocean Springs, MS that has classes and I have always wanted to join. Maybe one day! Thank you for visiting Still Woods Farmhouse and following. I am following you back and anxious to read more of your blog. It just might give me the inspiration to take that next step!