Sunday, April 7, 2013

90th Birthday Extravaganza

   I can't believe that last week came and went already. It was so anticipated, absolutely enjoyed, and way too brief. My Sissy invited herself to come for Easter and surprise Mom for her 90th birthday (April 1st). Sandra flew from Houston into Cedar Rapids Saturday afternoon, the 30th, which also happened to be Isaah's 30th birthday. I had invited Mom up for Easter weekend several weeks ago. When my sister heard about it, she got the idea to come too. She got here and unpacked and relaxed while Randy drove to Illinois to get Mom. He called when they were a few miles from here on the pretense of asking if I needed him to stop at the grocery store, to give us the heads up. I flew to the kitchen where Mom would expect me to be preparing our supper and Sandra  sat in my chair in the living room with her back to the door Mom would come in. They came in and Mom headed straight for the kitchen and was about to sit at the bar to watch me cook. Randy said, "Becky, has your Mom seen your new wing chair?" I said, "Oh, no, Mom come see it!" She walked in and admired the back of it first; then stepped around to the side of the chair. (Remember, my Mom is low vision and the lights were off in that room) so she stood there staring trying to figure out who was sitting there.  My sister turned and looked at her and Mom said "Sandra?! What are you doing here?" Sandra said,"Happy 90th Birthday, Mom!" It was a real Hallmark moment with tears in everyone's eyes. Isaah videoed  the whole thing for me. I saw Sandra last summer in Maine, but Mom hadn't seen her in 3 years.

                                                             Mom on her 90th birthday...
   She's happier than she looks. She just doesn't like to have her picture taken. :)

   Isaah had to have a Cubs cake of course. He wore the shirt without seeing his cake first. He's a real Cubs fan...
    My sister wanted to pamper Mom and do things that Mom has mentioned in their phone conversations. One of those special things was to take Mom to the Oak Lane Nursing Home in Stronghurst, Illinois to visit her sister-in-laws she hasn't seen since last May. They didn't know we were coming, so it was a huge surprise for them. We invited the only other living sister-in-law that isn't in a nursing home to go with us, Aunt "Boots". She's the one in green next to Mom, my Dad's 80 yr.old baby sister. Seated are Aunt Leora, 93, and Aunt Mary, 73 (?). They were beyond thrilled that we came. It was so fun to see them together reminiscing about old times. Aunt Mary assured us she would have gotten dressed if she had expected company. :)

   Mom had a family dinner Friday night as a farewell to Sandra. We had BBQ ribs, potato salad, Amish coleslaw, baked beans, and garlic bread. Yum!  She was leaving Mom's by 7:30 AM Saturday, so we left by 9:30 PM so she could get a good night's sleep. It's a 2 1/2 hour trip from Mom's house in Illinois to the Cedar Rapids airport. I had Randy take a picture of the three of us together before we left. Someone said something silly to make us all laugh before he took the first picture. Sandra made me promise I wouldn't show that picture. This one is better. Notice Mom's big grin? Not!

   We've invited Mom to live with us once our new house is built and she accepted. She's very independent and tries to do too much. She's legally blind, walks with a cane, has osteoperosis and  I'm afraid she'll fall and not be found for hours or even days. Thursday she actually climbed up on her bed to reach the ruffle at the top of her curtains to straighten it! 90 yrs. old and standing on a bed, need I say more?! When she moves in, Randy will hang all ladders up out of her reach. :)

  What with realtors showing our house and my Mom and sister coming, I've spent 2 weeks of extensive house cleaning. Not one stitch of quilting getting done, I'm afraid. I'm suffering from withdrawal. We had to vacate the house this afternoon for a showing. I hope to get some sewing time in this week. I hope you ...Keep Stitching.



  1. What a wonderful surprise for your Mom! Sounds like you all had a lot of fun! Good luck on the house selling....I've heard of several bloggers having luck right now with their sales.....keeping my fingers crossed for you! :o)

  2. What a story and a great surprise for your Mom..sounds like you had a wonderful time with your sister and family get togetherness.

  3. Wonderful idea, so great for your Mom to get to see everyone, the best birthday gift of all.

  4. What a special birthday for your Mom! I'm so glad your sister was able to come. Congrats and best wishes to your mom on this wonderful milestone!

  5. You can see how often I check all my friend's blogs! Please give your mother my regards!

    Hugs, Karen