Monday, May 20, 2013


   If you thought I've taken a long leave of absence from blogging, you're right. We listed our house the day after Easter and we received a full-price offer on it the 1st of May, with one stipulation. We had 30 days to be out. OMG!!! It was wonderful and terrible at the same time. I was thrilled that our house sold so fast, BUT, 30 days! I have been spending every waking minute sorting and packing when I'm not at work that is. I'm averaging only 5 hours of sleep a night and I'm an 8 hour per night kind of gal. I am beyond tired.

  I have consigned  antiques, collectables, quilts, quilt tops, blocks, and fabrics to an antique auction on June 19th. So far, I've filled 2 hayracks, besides furniture pieces. It's time to slim down some of my collections and moving into a new house is a good excuse.

  Our house won't be ready for 2-3 months so we're moving into my Mom's house when school is out and all our stuff is going into a 30' by 30' storage unit. It will be awhile longer after we move in before we start on my quilt studio. I absolutely can't wait for that! I'll keep you informed when work begins.

  It may be awhile before I post again. Mom doesn't have internet, but when I'm here on "house" business, I'll bring my laptop and catch wifi somewhere. I'm sadly not getting to quilt during all this, but hope to resume by September. In the meantime, I have a busy speaking/teaching schedule for the summer months. It won't be a relaxing summer vacation for me this year for sure. I'm not complaining though. I feel very blessed at the opportunity to design, build, and move into a new home and after 40 years of dreaming, to finally have a quilt studio too.

  I hated to post without a picture so I've scanned the realtor's flyer. Until next time, keep stitching!



  1. congrats thats wonderful news! a bit overwhelming I am sure
    wish I would have known I know you have a few antique quilt blocks I would have loved to buy! we talked about a few of them!

  2. congratulations on a house sold in this economy!
    Being away from quilting offers the time to 'refill the well' as Julia Cameron calls it. You'll come back refreshed and full of interesting new ideas!

  3. Congratulations wonderful news!!! You will have fun planning, designing and building exactly what you want for your new home. Have a great summer!


  4. Oh! My goodness, what a shock to the system!!!!, only 30 days to change your life LOL....getting the home you want and the sewing space you've been dreaming of will be well worth it!! Good luck with everything!!! I've just had a thought.....will you miss your pond?, I remember you discussing it in one of your posts, and that wonderful wild carefree garden of yours too......well I guess, you will just have to create another one....all the best!!!!!

  5. We did the same thing three years ago moving to another state even to help with our three grandchildren....not a problem there. But we took the time to DOWNSIZE furniture and a fully floored attic filled for 20 yrs. It went up to never be seen again till the move. What a mess! Now however my sewing room is under control. I have a smaller house to care for and build one with hardly any yard my vegetable and flower garden days are over. I love going to the Farmer's Market now. Since I am the cleaner and cook I am glad for getting rid of things BEFORE dying. Makes the rest of our life much easier. Good luck!

  6. Congrats, Aunt Bec! So excited for you and Randy (and Grandma, too)!



    P.S. Would love to see the floorplan. Hint, hint...