Thursday, June 6, 2013


  We had the closing on our house on Tuesday and now we're officially homeless....temporarily. We've moved in with Mom which is 50 miles from Mt. Pleasant, while our house is being built. We're having a modular home built according to our design by Heckaman Homes in Indiana. It is supposed to be done by June 24th. The only problem is with all the rain we've had, we have no basement to put the house on! It has to happen soon or we're in trouble. I really want to be moved in before school starts and it starts early this year. The house comes in sections on big rigs, a crane sets the pieces on the foundation all in a day. A crew from Heckaman Homes stays for a week finishing the inside. Local contractors will do the plumbing, electrical, heating, cooling, etc. All of that takes 4-6 weeks. The garage is built after that. We will be cutting it close to be done before August 15th, my first day back to work! I may start the school year the way this one ended, with me working like crazy to get settled and unpacked and existing on way too little sleep. Oh, but it will be worth it in the end.

  Yesterday was my first day to relax in over a month and boy, did I take advantage of that! I sat at the table with Mom drinking tea and gabbing till almost noon! I felt decadent. The day flew by and I had accomplished absolutely NOTHING! Hee hee. I'm beginning to feel rested after a couple nights of something more than 5 hours of sleep. I was really suffering from sleep deprivation. I hope my memory and thought process returns to normal soon. I've been struggling to keep up at work and life. I'm speaking/teaching in Missouri Valley, Iowa on June 18th and 19th and I want to be in "full-game mode" by then.

  No pictures to share now, but Randy bought a Hot Spot service contract so we could access the internet here at Mom's. Yippee! I'm back online and can receive/answer emails. Not quite life as usual, but getting close. In the meantime, Mom has 24 hour company and seems happy about it. (Or she's a very gifted actress!)

  Till I have something worth talking about, Keep Stitching!



  1. Good luck with your build. Such a stressful process to go through

  2. In the middle of being neither here 'nor there can be a bit unsettling, I'm sure your Mum is enjoying having you around for a bit while your new home is being built! How exciting to have a new home on the horizon, hope things go pretty much to plan, although building on schedule is notoriously unreliable LOL!!!! Best of luck!!!!

  3. Hi Becky! I've been sorta blogger awol, so I'm trying to catch up on some blog reading! You've got tons of news!! Blessings on your new home and your time with your mom!! Hope your teaching goes well this summer!


  4. Hi Becky! I'm a visitor every now an again. Congratulations on the sale of your home. There's nothing like living out of a box for awhile is there!!lol! Been there done that. Enjoy the summer while you can it goes by fast!