Monday, July 15, 2013

Waiting and waiting, and waiting...

   Randy and I went to early church service in Mt. Pleasant Sunday. On the way through Burlington we saw the once a month Pigeon Show was going on. It's a flea market one Sunday morning a month from 6AM to noon. You can buy pigeons there, but also just about anything else as well. There are all kinds of birds, rabbits, goats, and puppies, but it's the "anything else" we're after! It costs only $2 per car to enter the SCC campus to peruse the wares. It's usually dusty, crowded, and HOT, but who cares when there are bargains to find?!

   We stopped on the way home after church. Randy found nothing to interest him. :(  I on the other hand, hit the jackpot! :) I love anything old with drawers, shelves, or cubbyholes, and wooden boxes of all sizes. I love to stack them and store my sewing tools, etc. in them. Here are my new treasures that will find a home in my quilt studio.

 I hate orange, but this chipped, painted stack of drawers grabbed my heart. Randy even liked it, a real surprise! It's about 60" tall by 12" wide and 9" deep.

   I will rub a Formby's dark stain into the wood to help tone down the yucky orange. It has some drawers with dividers, and some of those are made using galvanize. I also LOVE anything galvanized.
  I was told it came out of an old garage. I told them it was going to a loving home in my quilt studio. I don't think they cared as long as I had cash.
   Another favorite thing is old card catalog drawers. (I have a few...heehee.) Here's the newest addition with a sweet wooden box resting on top and a vintage package of dye. Randy agreed to hold them if I promised to crop him out of the photo. :)
 I found this darling doll dresser to go with my doll quilt collection and some other vintage doll furniture I've picked up along the way.

Oh, and on Saturday, I visited the Preservation Station again to visit my mantel. Yep, I'm still in love with it! Here it is in case you forgot what it looked like...
   Only seven days till my house comes! I'm going a little crazy waiting. Ok, crazier than normal. To kill a little time, I'm getting a colonoscopy on Wednesday. Tomorrow will be fun too...drinking the ick and spending lots of quality time in the bathroom. :(  I want to go home, to my home. Sorry, now I'm just whining. Hope you have more fun the next couple of days than me. That shouldn't be hard to do, even a root canal would be more fun!

Keep stitching!


  1. Well, I know the "going home" feeling. We got flooded and the house that had been delivered wasn't ready to live in yet. This too shall pass and you'll be glad for the time at your mom's. Makes you appreciate your own more. Believe me, I know. Can't wait to see your new home.

  2. Great finds...hope all goes well with your tests. Love the mantle that is going into your new home!

  3. I had to smile, most people would go shopping to kill time, Becky goes for a colonoscopy! Joking aside, I do hope everything turns out OK with that.
    I'm getting excited now, can't wait to see inside your new home!

  4. Apparently we love the same old things! I love old wooden drawers and things, too. Good luck on the upcoming test. As they say, it isn't the exam, it is the studying.... (And I have to admit, if I was going through that, I would want to be home, too.)

  5. Love you finds, they are going to look great in your quilting studio!

  6. You scored big time. Love the card file. Lucky you!

  7. Wow!!! You seem to have luck find just what you want!!! Love the new but old pieces! Good for you! Good luck on you test. Studying is what they do! Count down to your new home!

  8. I hope your little 'procedure' goes well, and that they find nothing!!!!......but a healthy gut!!
    Your new purchases are wonderful, and yes I can see that they will be very useful in the sewing room!!!

  9. Such interesting purchases. The flea market sounds like a very interesting place. We have nothing like that here. I love those drawers. I envy them but not your prep for the medical test. I took pills last time for the prep rather than icky drink but oh the bathroom problems. No details to be given. LOL!

  10. Oh my, it really looks gorgeous! It’s really pretty with the varnish you’ve added on it. Great job! Same here, I really wood works and anything that is vintage. Well, just looking at the transformation makes my heart pound with delight. Hope to see more of your awesome projects. I love it!

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