Saturday, December 7, 2013

Fashionably Late!

    Once again, time has flown by me and I'm late in posting. Just as I thought I had my new home in order, unpacked, and decorated, it was time to unpack some more and decorate for Christmas! I loooooove Christmas and have tons of decorations, including 5 trees and my village to put out. It was a little more complicated this year. In the moving process decorations were hurriedly packed and NOT put together in totes the way I normally store them. It was like a scavenger hunt finding all the matching pieces that normally go on each tree or to put together the village. An added problem was the display platforms I built to hold the village was designed to fit in the old house. To display the village in the new living room, the plywood pieces had to be re-cut to fit the angles in the walls here. Thank goodness, Isaah was home for Thanksgiving and willing to help. He carried the plywood up and down the basement stairs five times so I could make cuts, check for fit, then re-cut again and again till it fit around the bend in the living room wall and back towards the entryway. He's a gem! Of course, he loves my village and is adamant at following family traditions to the letter every year, so not putting the entire village up because of not fitting was simply not an option to him. Not to mention he made a couple dozen trips downstairs to carry up all the totes of village pieces and tree decorations. I'm posting some pictures of the results. i hope you enjoy them.

  Welcome to my home at Christmas! My Mom painted the 5 foot tall Santa years ago before she was legally blind. The wreath was made for me by my sister.
   The wreath is decorated with cow ornaments. I collect them and have a cow tree every year with over 250 cow ornaments (just not this year!) because the downstairs isn't finished or started yet.

The Santa tree adorns the dining room. That window faces the street.

Another dining room view. The window ledge holds the village houses of people living in the mountains and can be enjoyed from both rooms. My sister also made the Santa in his sleigh table top decoration for me.

 The fireplace corner of the living room with greenery and Santa bedecked mantle. The tall Santa is another one Mom painted.
 The hall tree holds a favorite rag doll holding her Christmas stocking and a little button tree I made 20 years ago.
 A closeup (blurry, oops!) of the mantle clock and Santas. I'm adding more of my Santas once I find that box!

   To make room for the village, the quilt cabinet was moved to the wall where the couch usually is and the couch is hidden under the village. the quilt cabinet is topped with Santas, trees, and a 4 year old gingerbread house my niece, Tina, made for me. I keep it in a ziploc bag in a tote and it hasn't mildewed yet, but I did have to glue some pieces back on this year.

          Closer look.

     A closer look at Santa.
 And then my village, starting at the entry and wrapping around the angled wall into the living room...


The long side in the living room...

      A full view...

                     A closeup of the edge of town and beginning of the countryside...
The industrial end of town with the grainary, the wheelwright shop and bell factory behind them...

 Next post I'll share photos of my Kirkwood, Missouri trip last month. Right now I'm actually going to go downstairs to my not yet built quilt studio where all my quilt stuff is and I'm going to sew! Really! I'm going to create something. I don't know what, but something, anything sewn and/or quilted. It's been months and I can't wait another minute. I hope you all are enjoying decorating for Christmas and I wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Keep stitching!



  1. Afternoon Becky, love your cozy home decorated for the holidays. So many wonderful goodies you have, love the village set up and the Santa your Mom painted....Thanks for sharing, enjoyed, Francine.

  2. Oh fabulous! What a beautiful trip through your Christmas home.
    You Mum has done a lovely job of the Santa's.

  3. LOVE your village setup! It's fantastic, and totally worth all the effort! Well done!

  4. Your Christmas decorations looks just wonderful!!! That village, well....amazing!!!!! Never seen anything quite like that, such a great collection, it must look great in the evenings when all the other lights are dimmed, you've done a wonderful job!!!!

  5. That is really amazing. No wonder you haven't had time to sew. A wonderful collection, thanks for sharing it with us.