Monday, December 9, 2013

I'm a Quilter!

   I did indeed sew this weekend. I told you in my last post I was going to. I'm a quilter again! After nearly 8 months of selling a house, packing, storing, building a new house; moving and unpacking, I didn't forget how. :) I was snug as a bug in a rug in my almost studio Saturday afternoon and most of Sunday after church. I didn't leave except for bathroom breaks and nourishment. It was good for this quilter's soul, let me tell you.

   I found the paper-piece patterns for a Courthouse Steps (4 1/2" blocks) quilt I started last March. Although I could not find the impressive stack of finished blocks anywhere. Now where could they be?! The finished quilt requires 400+ blocks. I gave all my scraps away at my workshops this summer in 2 gallon bags as door prizes, so I had to spend a good amount of time cutting 1 1/4" strips before I could sew. I made 12 lovely little blocks. I feel so much better now. Quilting really is my therapy and cure for anything that ails me. Here they are...

    Those little blocks are so much fun to make. I'm going downstairs to sew more now. :)

    I took a couple more pictures of the house to show you. This is the entry from the garage. It comes thru the laundry room. In a past post I showed you the antique tin ceiling panels I bought. I painted them white and put them on the walls here for wainscotting and topped with a wide Colonial trim board. I think it gave my laundry room some instant old character. What do you think?

  If you are in the laundry room, this is what you see now. I don't mind standing there folding clothes with this view. :)
 A closer look at the details...
  This is the view as you leave the kitchen to go to the laundry room or garage. That old cubbyhole cabinet used to be in our family room. Randy is less than thrilled with it here, but I love it. The tree is my "Sewing Room Tree" normally.

  Ok, I'm off to sew!!! Keep stitching!



  1. Love the ceiling tiles used as wainscotting....glad you are back to quilting.

  2. Those little blocks are sweet. Wow your house is lovely!

  3. I am so happy for you. Getting to stitch is indeed a necessary therapy once in a while. There is something soothing to getting lost in 1/2 inch strips and matching corners. Your tin is beautiful. I hope you are beginning to feel 'at home' in your new home.

  4. So glad you are back in therapy lol. I don't think I could have gone that long lol.

  5. Love the little log cabin blocks. Just something about small ones that get my attention. Especially in the colors you used.

  6. Love the use of your 'pressed metal' as we call it here in Austalia! This was very commonly used as ceiling and wainscoating and gives the house such a great look!!! Your little blocks are very cute!!!!!

  7. Love the wainscoting tiles. Perfect. Glad you found time to sew. I'd offer to send you some scraps back but most have been used and some given to other members of the guild that were drooling. lol