Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Long Winter's Break! ...and a Giveaway!

    I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are enjoying the new year. We had a wonderful Christmas in our new home. It was fun to unpack all my decorations and find their new spots in a different house. We were at the old house for 16 Christmases. I hope we're here for that many and more. Randy took vacation from December 23 - Jan 1st. With him home, I didn't sew or quilt during that time, except for New Year's Day when I cut Civil War charms all day while he went on a bike ride (yes, he's crazy) and then while he watched football games the rest of the day.

   Mt. Pleasant cancelled school yesterday because of the bitter cold weather. It was good for me as my back went out on me in the shower Sunday morning and I spent all day in bed in terrible pain. Luckily my chiropractor was open yesterday and worked on me in the morning. He ordered bed rest or very limited activity. I wasn't supposed to work today, so my Christmas vacation has been extended. Unfortunately, I still can't sit at my Bernina without pain, so no sewing today either. I started a pot of chili simmering and thought I'd try posting. I can type a little, then have to stand or walk around awhile to rest my back. This will probably be short!

  I had the loveliest surprise Thursday afternoon. The doorbell rang and it was the UPS driver with a package for me. I've confessed before that I'm in love with the UPS driver. It doesn't matter which one it is, I love them all when they bring me a package. :) This one was a mystery as I hadn't ordered anything.  All I could make out of the return address was Crossville, TN. My other love...the state of Tennessee. I opened it at once and was amazed to see a beautiful wool pincushion complete with beadwork decoration and an accompanying pattern for making another one. You won't believe it, but it was made in poison green wool! As you know, poison green is my favorite Civil War color. It was made and sent to me by Ann Sweet, a nice lady who had ordered a kit, pattern, and charm pack from me the week before. Her name suits her. She is indeed a sweet lady. I've never received a "Thank You" gift from a customer before. She enclosed her business card, so I was able to call her to thank her for her thoughtfulness. She said she didn't know of my obsession with poison green, it was a coincidence that she used that color. She's a new Follower and hasn't read all my past posts yet. We had a lovely chat (loved her accent!) and I feel like I have a new friend in Tennessee. She makes "Country Mice" pincushions in wool and sells them at an antique shop. I can't wait to see one of them. If they are as well-made as this one, I know they must be fabulous. Thank you Ann!

   Here's my beauty...

   It looked so good in my bedroom, I couldn't take it down to my studio. It is right at home in there with the two poison green wall quilts.
    A closer look...

    Here are some pictures of the Civil War charms I cut on New Year's Day. Confederate Generals...

Union Generals...

 And lots of miscellaneous Civil War images...

  I put 56 different charms in a bag and sell them for $20. It takes 56 charms to make my Civil War Images quilt, so that's why I package them that way. A lot of quilters buy them to use in other Civil War quilts too. They add that extra "punch" in any block.

  The tile man finally made it back to my house to tile around the fireplace on December 20th, just in time for Christmas. I love it. I couldn't get a closeup without my reflection in the glass! :o

     I think my back is trying to tell me to quit yakking. I'd better listen to it if I want to go to work tomorrow. OK, "want" might be the wrong word. Hee hee.

   Keep stitching!


  1. I didn't comment back in December when you first shared your Christmas decorating in your new house, but better late than never. I LOVE your new home, and that fireplace and surround are absolutely wonderful!! How lucky you were to find it (yes, I've followed your adventures).
    It looks like you're settling in well, back to the quilting fun, but slowed down by the back. There's always something, isn't there? Take it easy, and hopefully those muscles will behave themselves before long. And don't forget to stay warm.
    Our Iowa weather is beyond yukky right now. I'm ready for spring !!

  2. poor you, I hope you'll be feeling better soon. Your fireplace looks fabulous, ever since you found it, I've been looking forward to seeing it in place. How exciting to be able to settle into your new home with Christmas decorations.

  3. Happy to get comments already! Thanks, Vivian and Kath. I have been "resting" in a comfy chair all afternoon with a baby quilt in the hoop hand-quilting. Guess what, it hasn't hurt my back, so I'll do this till I can sit at my Bernina.

    After posting, I realized I should do another giveaway for my loyal Followers. I can't believe I have 300 quilters who want to read what I have to say. I will giveaway a Civil War Charm pack and a pattern for Civil War Images by Friday evening at 6 PM. If you aren't a Follower already, now would be a great time to come on board. Just leave a comment telling me what your current quilt-related project is. I'll have Randy pick a winner. Good luck!

  4. I am getting ready to finish a Barbara Brackman CW sampler. I love your new home and your blog.

  5. You have 301 followers now! I probably got in too late for the giveaway but found your blog via Sew Unique Creations. I am currently making a sampler quilt loosely based on the Farmer's Wife series in Civil War reproduction fabrics . . . all by hand. I have 64 9" blocks complete & I'm ready to put the sashings on. :)

  6. Hope your back is better, getting older is not for the faint-hearted! I can say that because my last birthday of my fifth decade is on Monday! lol Probably too late for the giveaway but throwing my name in anyway.
    The house looks wonderful! You lucky girl and the fireplace is to die for...
    Going on retreat last weekend in January and taking 2 of the kits I bout from you in September, "Hardtack and Coffee" and have not decided which other one. 4 days of sewing bliss.
    Stay well and sew on.

  7. For most people, an extended Christmas vacation is full of fun and relaxation. It’s disappointing that you didn’t get that. It’s a good thing that your chiro is open and he/she’s able to ease the pain. Maybe you have to visit your chiro more often, so proper therapy can be applied for you. How are you feeling anyway?

    Mathew @ US Health Works, Spokane North Side Center