Monday, March 24, 2014

Quilt Auction!

  I read early last week that there was going to be an estate sale in a nearby town. The list included lots of antiques and large collections that the man had acquired over several decades. What caught my eye was the listing for "over 100 antique quilts"! Besides a quilt show, I've never seen a hundred quilts all at once. I planned all week to go to this auction Saturday morning. Randy declined to go, so I had the day to myself. I really thought I wouldn't be able to afford to buy any of them, but I sure wanted to see them and take pictures.

  I was up bright and early, showered, dressed, and on my way. I got there an hour before the auction started and I still had to stand in a line with about 50 people waiting outside to register and get their bidding numbers. Uh-oh, not a good sign. I would have plenty of competition. Once inside, I was further dismayed to see that the wagon piled high with quilts was totally surrounded by people already. I finally got my turn to get a closeup view of them and took some pictures.

   I bought this 1880's "Cross" or "X" quilt. The black fabric is a "seaweed" print and the X's are a small red print shirting. The back is an unusual light-colored paisley print.

   I bought this Civil War Era 4 block applique quilt (I believe it is the Whig Rose pattern) with 1/4" diagonal quilting in the open areas. Tiny stitches! The turkey red is bad, but the poison green and the cheddar fabric are in very good condition.

  This is "the one that got away". The baskets were only about 4" to 5". It was spread out on another wagon under a ton of boxes. That's no way to treat a grand old lady. I bid it up, but a dealer bought it. She at least let me take these pictures and assured me I could buy it from her shop!

  Isn't it wonderful? I'm thinking it is c1880's . It had nice quilting and in very good condition. I just wish it had come home with me too. :(

  I promised last post that I would show some of my recent doll quilt purchases. These all came to me the latter part of February.

     A  c1880-90 burgundy 9-Patch & Snowball...

   A  c1900 blue One Patch, wonderful shirting prints...

   A  c1930's cutey, Bowties...

A  c1950's, Rail Fence? Very "loud" print  for the backing.
A  c1980 mini, probably for a doll house. I recognize some of those calicoes as ones I bought in the early 1980's.

  I am participating in the doll quilt swap hosted by Lori on her blog, Humble Quilts. She partnered us up this weekend. We know who we're making one for, but not who is making ours. They have to be made in Civil War repros and be 24" x 24" or smaller. I made the top yesterday with lots of early CW repro prints from my collection. I have to have it quilted and sent by Easter. I can't wait to receive mine and see what my partner thinks of the one I made for her. What fun. I've never participated in a swap except for blocks or a round robin quilt. I'll post a picture of the one I made and the one I get when the swap is over. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise in case she is a reader of my blog.

  I'd better close and get in some quality time in my studio tonight. Keep stitching.



  1. How wonderful so many old quilts in one place.... and for sale too! Great you were able to buy that applique quilt as well, they are so very special and yes, 'the one that got away' is beautiful!

  2. Oooh my, you are so blessed by seeing so many antique quilts at one time. I can dream about that. The basket quilt is a thrill!

  3. You lucky duck! I would have had to wear a bib ~ you know for the drool:)
    How wonderful.

  4. Great post Becky ... Enjoyed seeing all of those quilts. I'm participating in Lori's doll quilt swap too. Got my top done over the weekend, now I'm deciding on how I want to quilt it.

  5. Thanks for sharing all the eye candy with us! HUGS... and stitches

  6. I like the quilts you got but can certainly see why you wanted that basket quilt. I recently bought a red and green one similar to your "new" one. Same wear and tear on the red, too. But the quilting is still wonderful and so is the design. So I love it in spite of the condition. I'm doing Lori's swap, too. Cheating a little since I had the top ready but got it quilted and just need to bind mine now.

  7. That is a lot of quilts! You got a few good ones.