Monday, June 15, 2015

Studio Progress!

  It's been an exciting week. The friends who are helping us finish our basement are a father/son team. The son had a high school baseball game everyday but Friday. They still came in and worked 3-4 hours everyday. I had to force myself not to be downstairs the whole time watching the progress. I knew I'd be in the way and bug them, so I was good. They would holler up the stairs to tell me of any milestones in the progress so I could go down and take a picture. Here they are...

The first sheet of drywall going up!

  The first long wall almost done...

 Beginning the west wall...

 West wall done...

North wall done!

   So all the outer walls are finished. Tomorrow they will drywall the stairway. Tuesday bright and early the lumber will be delivered and they will begin building the stud walls to divide the area into the rooms. Today I went to Menard's and Lowes to look for trim, baseboard, and lighting. I found 22" round LED ceiling fixtures that I loved. They put out 2400 lumens of light each! I want really good lighting and I think they will be the ones I get.

  My trip to Mankato, MN went well, although it rained from the time I left home all the way to Mankato, sometimes very heavy. The Deep Valley Quilt Guild ladies were a fun group, about 100 in attendance. Shirley, the Program Chair, arrived just in time for my program. Her 18 yr. old daughter broke her wrist in 2 places on Monday and she had surgery the day I arrived. After talking and emailing for months, I was looking forward to meeting her. I'm glad she made it. She's a great lady and I pray her daughter heals quickly. On the way home I stopped at an antique store and bought two oak  library cabinets. One is a filing drawer and the other is a two drawer card catalog. I love these things and buy them whenever I can get them at a good price. They make wonderful storage for quilting tools, patterns, or FQ's. I haven't taken pictures of them yet, but they will definitely go in my studio. Today I went to a flea market and bought a wonderful cupboard top. It is 35" wide by11" deep by 21" tall with two doors with white porcelain knobs. One door hides a 12- 4"x4"cubbyholes. The other is divided into 3 vertical areas, perfect for storing quilt books. The space between the doors is open and has 2 shelves. It is nicely aged and has imperfections that prove it's been used well, just the way I like my antiques! The best part is, I have a bottom cubbyhole cabinet that it fits on perfectly. It will be moved from the back entry to the studio so it can hold the "new" top cupboard.

  Until next time, keep stitchin'.


  1. The walls look great, we had someone do ours, but then we never finished it off.
    We finally got floors in, so this is the year to make it into a usable space.


  2. So exciting- I would be walking with a twitch with anxiety:)

  3. Exciting for sure, you will be enjoying your new room before you know it! Mankato made me immediately think of Laura Ingalls Wilder one of my favorite writers........

  4. What a great studio! It reminds me of the theatre sewing dept. we had at college. Lots of long cutting tables, many cubbyholes, space for many sewing machines, and plenty of natural lighting. It is a stitcher's/quilter's dream studio :)

  5. It's definitely my dream! I will be able to host many "sew days" for quilting friends. The sounds of hammers, saws, and power drills serenade me as I write this. It's music to my ears. :)

  6. How exciting! Congrats on the progress of the new studio! It looks like a great space!