Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Studio Finish!

  Wow! What a summer this was. It was full of drywall dust and contractors day after day. If they were here I was stuck at home all day. If they weren't here in the morning, I was stuck at home waiting for them. Sometimes they came late and sometimes I waited all day for nothing! I don't mean to sound like I'm complaining, because in the end it was worth it. I spent the past month stripping and refinishing several pieces of antique furniture to use as support for my 52" by 82" cutting counter (vintage from Preservation Station) and for storage around the studio. My studio is done, all my furniture, fabrics, and quilt supplies are in place. I'm in quilter's Heaven. :)

  While the studio itself is complete, the french doors are still waiting to be installed. I bought them at Preservation Station, so they are vintage and needed some TLC before use. I stripped, sanded, and painted the outer parts and left the wood framing the 15 lights in its original condition. What's the point of buying antique doors if you paint them and then they look new? I wanted to retain the character, but freshen them up. The old brass hardware was shot and had to be replaced. I bought brushed nickel handles and hinges to match the rest of our doors. They were purchased without the surrounding framework. The carpenter who is going to create the framework and install them came tonight to measure and see what materials that need to be bought. The only problem is, he is working on the outside of two new homes now and can only come here to work after they are finished or it rains. I don't want to pray for rain because the farmers around here need dry weather to harvest their soybeans and corn. I'm a farmer's daughter so I know which is more important. My doors can wait. In the meantime, I've been sewing again! It feels wonderful  and all the time and effort it took are dim memories now. :)

  I'm having a studio open house after Breakfast Club in October. I can't wait to share it. It will be fun to have it full of quilters. Because of the open house, I don't want to post pictures of the studio till then. I hope you understand. I promise to share plenty after the 17th.

  I will share pictures of the recipient of the commissioned quilt I quilted this summer. Remember, it was a gift for a New York attorney from his mother as a 50th birthday present. Happily, he was totally surprised and thrilled with the quilt. I received a phone call  and then an email thanking me. For his privacy, I won't share his identity, but his mother sent me these pictures of the night she gave the quilt to him.
 He looks pleased with it. I'm so relieved. He's a fellow Civil War buff, so I was choosy which pictorial squares to use in the block's centers, only my favorites.
These next two show him really giving it a thorough examination. I'm glad I took my time on that quilting! The outer border is quilted in a vining feather and star motif. I used it on my Civil War Generals quilt and loved the way it looked.

  That's all for tonight. Thanks for waiting so long for a new post. Things should settle into a comfotable routine now. I'll post again soon. Until then, keep stitchin'!