Sunday, October 18, 2015

Studio Open House!

  At long last, my studio is finished (except the french doors aren't hung!) and I held my open house yesterday. It was a beautiful crisp autumn day and about 50 ladies showed up. Many came directly from Breakfast Club at Inspirations Quilt Shop in Hills, Iowa, but some friends and teachers from school came too. Kayla greeted visitors and directed them downstairs where I gave the tour and enjoyed the first ever guests to my studio. It was so much fun having someone besides me sitting in the chairs enjoying the space. I had so much fun that I forgot to take pictures of the guests! All my pictures were taken before they arrived or after the event was over. :(

  I served light refreshments including cupcakes, cookies, chocolates, and Halloween candy. My house was already decorated for Halloween, which was fun because few people ever see my decorations.

These are pictures of the upstairs, first the food...
The window ledge between the kitchen and the living room...

The kitchen island...

Mantel decorations...
"Betty Croaker", isn't she a hoot?!
The tour begins...

  This hallway leads to the studio...

 The seating area for small groups...
 Inside the door to the left...
Inside door to the right, my sewing area...
 White cabinets hold my Orphans of War inventory...
Some sewing collectibles on this wall...
My cutting table, 4 views... Sorry for the glare in the first one. The sun really comes in strong in late afternoon. This is a c.1852 pine piece out of a butler's pantry from a home in Burlington, Ia., one of several antique pieces that support the cutting table.
 This oak set of office drawers was purchased in Keokuk...
 Better view of the cutting surface (55" by 82")...

   The walnut cabinet in the front corner has a pink and white porcelain knob with black writing that says "Bass Forte". The whole thing was painted white, even the knob and the door latch that turned out to be brass when I stripped it. I think it was a steal because they didn't realize what was under the heavy paint job, even the interior was painted! The long cabinet on this side was in my old sewing room. It sure enjoys its new space with new companion pieces. ;-) I installed the white column surrounds myself, a 3-day multi-step project. I love the gray foam office mat that is made to cushion your feet when standing for long periods of time. Sometimes I spend hour cutting pieces there.
  My design wall. The blocks are the beginnings of a baby quilt for my boss. She's 40 and having her first baby, a boy!
 My office area, next to a window so I can enjoy the view of the changing seasons...

  Red corner cabinet which houses my daughter, Elizabeth's  doll house furniture. I couldn't part with it after she died and I take such joy in seeing it daily. The pegboard holds most of my cutting tools and rulers and is directly behind me when I sit at my sewing machine.

  Now for the best part, my STASH! It's just around this corner...

  Here it is in all its glory. I love to stand in front of these shelves and fondle all these Civil War fabrics and dream of quilts to come.  One of the ladies was foolish enough to suggest I probably had enough fabric and didn't need to buy more. Need? Silly woman. :)
    My collection of quilt stencils is on the pegboard on the back wall. To the right in the 2 cabinets next to it are my CW repros in browns, blues, and reds. Yummidy!

  I think that is all of the main areas. Tomorrow, I'll try to post again and show pictures with more details. I wish you all could have been here for the open house, but I hope you enjoyed the virtual tour. Thanks for stopping by and for putting up with my spotty posting during these last hectic months of building.

Keep stittchin'.


  1. How wonderful! Your new studio looks great. Wish I lived close by so I could have come to visit you too.

    Jenny from New Zealand

  2. Oh Becky, your studio is absolutely fabulous!! I'm so glad that you had a nice turnout!! All that scrumptious fabric makes my mouth water!! Those vintage pieces of furniture are awesome!

    Blessings and hugs!

  3. Your studio looks fantastic thanks for the tour !

  4. Fabulous! One day I hope to have my sewing area set up in a way that works well for me...until then I will just have to muddle along. ;)

  5. What a lovely day you must have had. The Studio is amazing!

  6. WOW! You have an impressive studio. Shopping in your stash would be quite a treat.

  7. What a great studio and lovely home. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Your home is beautiful and I really love how you did the studio with the antique pieces and the shelving for the fabrics.


  9. What a great place to sew. Love all the antique pieces.


  10. It's a lovely light space and filled with things that you love and have meaning to you. Thank you for sharing

  11. such a wonderful sewing room.....

  12. Beautiful space, I have to admit I am a little jealous........looking forward to seeing the many projects you will create it this wonderful space. Enjoy!