Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Studio Tour Continued

  As promised, I'll share more pictures with upclose details of my studio. I went to see Mom at Sunnybrook Assisted Living last night since I missed going last week getting ready for my open house. I took peace offerings of fresh homemade chicken noodle soup and cookies & cupcakes left over from Saturday. It was too late when I got home to post. The Cubs play tonight so I'll be brief on words and heavy on pictures so I can watch the game. Go Cubs!

  First up, the red cupboard with Elizabeth's doll house furniture...

The first floor is set up for a living room at Christmas.

 The second floor is the bedroom. The quilt on the bed and the one on the quilt rack were made by my friend, Jane, and given to me as gifts. I could sleep cozy in this bedroom.

The third floor is the parlor. The wallpaper in this room is actually a CW repro fabric.

The 4th floor is a family room, Elizabeth's first furniture when she was 6 yrs. old. This is wallpapered in fabric too.

  What's a sewing room without buttons? Here are a few jars from my collection. The sign was a gift from my SIL.
   My Civil War dolls keep me company when I sew. :) This is Kizzie, the seamstress. See her Log Cabin block and tiny stork scissors?
   This is Elizabeth, dressed in a CW outfit a friend made to match one of my CW costumes I wear when I give a program. I have a few child's sewing machines scattered about too. I had a red one when I was little that was lost in our house fire when I was 5 yrs. old. Many of the things I collect are from childhood memories that I seem to have a need to recreate.
 Here's another one of Kizzie. The doll quilt on the bed is c.1880 and nicely hand-quilted.
 A high back oak doll bed with a china doll. The doll quilt on the bed is c. 1860-70, machine-quilted and the one draped over the foot of the bed is also c.1860-70 and tied.
  This is Miss Victoria, dressed in satin and velvet carrying a parasol, she's the lady of the bunch.
 Another view as you step into the studio.
   I'm obsessed with collecting antique card catalog drawers. Remember, I'm a librarian, so of course, I love them. This stack is my favorite. They are so handy to store all kinds of quilting tools. The large 2 gallon "barrel" jar holds rolled bindings. I always make too much and store the leftover rolls here. They come in handy to bind doll quilts or sew several together for a patchwork binding. They never go to waste and they look yummidy together!
 This grouping of dolls and doll beds are on top of my Orphans of War inventory cabinets. No sense wasting any unfilled space! The doll bed and quilt on the left were bought in New Hampshire on a road trip with my Sissy several years ago. The quilt is c.1850's, the oldest in my collection. It is made for a 4-poster bed, with vertical rows of slanted diamonds and finely hand-quilted. The tiny bed has a c.1870 quilt of its own. The black poster bed has a c. 1870 machine-quilted quilt. The large doll bed's quilt is c.1910 nicely pieced, but a crudely quilted solid colored quilt that resembles a Parcheese (Sp?) game. 
 My "Baby Jane, B-4" found a home on the wall next to my desk.
   That's all for tonight. The Cubs are playing without my support. They may need me!

Keep stitchin!


  1. I love all your collections and your studio Becky. What a happy place to quilt the days away. Thank you for sharing all of your photos.

  2. Heavenly sewing studio. It looks huge. And so well organized and decorated. I could move in and be very happy there.

  3. What a dream studio. And your CW antiques are so pretty and unusual. 'Best sewing room ever :)

    1. Wow, Danice! That's quite a compliment. It sure is my dream anyway. :)

  4. I just love your dolls and doll beds. What a special collection! I have 2 doll beds and 2 antique dolls. One doll bed is the one my grandpa made for me around 1950 and the doll in it was my mother's doll. The other antique doll belonged to my mother's sister who died in 1912 at the age of 9. Each bed has a quilt on it - I made one and the other was from a doll quilt exchange.

  5. Just found your wonderful blog. What a happy and sweet collection you have. I have a little cute mouse my Mom gave me and my quilting charms are its jewelry. I love to hand stitch and also to make civil war era quilts and use reproduction fabric in my quilts. Look forward to reading more of your blog posts.
    Deborah, NC