Sunday, February 21, 2016

February Frenzy

   February has been a busy month. My birthday month, the 10th, so cake and celebrations. The usual work, of course, and lots of wrestling. I haven't taken it up myself, but I am a big fan, of Iowa Hawk Eye wrestling and Mt. Pleasant High School Panther wrestling. The Panthers had a successful season, winning some 2nd and 3rd place finishes at districts, but best of all, advancing one wrestler, our 145 pounder, Colten Mertens, to the Iowa State Tournament. He wrestled and won Thursday, then in the morning Friday, and in the semi finals Friday night. He was in the championship match on Saturday night, which was televised. He came away with 2nd place after wrestling the #1 seed in the state. Colten is a super kid, humble in victory and gracious in defeat. He had a 44 win / 1 loss season and a 117 win high school career record. I couldn't be prouder if he was my own son. I put up 6" gold stars for every pin or win our wrestlers get on a wall in the library. The wall is full from 3 foot up to the 12 foot ceiling and extending to the adjoining wall. There are 2 large windows into a study room that I decorate for any wrestler competing at state. This year it's a huge display and Colten is very deserving of it.

  Hawkeye Wrestling continues with a special after season dual meet tomorrow night at Carver Hawkeye Arena and Randy and I will be in our season seats, Isaah joining us. We'll also be going to the Olympic Wrestling try outs in a couple weeks. Maybe not expected of an avid quilter, but I love it. :)

  It hasn't been all wrestling for me though. On Tuesday nights, Kayla has been coming to my studio for "Sew Night." We take turns providing supper and sew from 4 ish till 9 PM. It has led me to finish some quilts. Kayla has been working on several wool projects and which inspired me to purchase a good supply of wool and thread to try my hand at wool applique. Granted, I don't usually need an excuse to buy fabric, but her wool projects are gorgeous. I don't have anything started yet, but I hope to soon.

  Remember the Amish quilt my Mom had left unfinished? I fished the quilting she had mostly done and sewed on a bias binding to finish it. I love it. It now hangs outside the entry to the studio. I showed it at Breakfast Club yesterday along with 2 other finished quilts.

  OOPS! I thought I'd taken a picture of Mom's Amish quilt finished, but I hadn't. Now, the battery is dead in my camera. I'll take one later and post it next time.

  Here are the other 2 finishes, both small Christmas quilts I had very good intentions of finishing before Christmas 2015. Well, you see how that turned out! Thank goodness for our Sew Nights. 

  This is Christmas Balls, 18" x 18". It's a paper-pieced Court House Steps pattern done in mostly Civil War reds, greens, and shirtings.

 A close-up...

I backed it with a Christmas toile...

 This is Christmas Trees and Nines, 18" x 18", also CW prints with lots of poison green, even the binding. Have I told you before that poison green is my favorite...only a million times. Right?

   A close-up of one of the trees. Each tree was quilted in a different pattern. This green print is an old 
Cranston Printworks fabric from the early 1980's. My stash dates back from 1980 to yesterday! Not counting my collection of vintage scraps and pieces.

    I'm currently working on a new pattern for my Orphans of War line. It's called North and South and will be a small quilt for all of you who already have too many full size quilts. I'll share pictures once it's finished and patterns printed. :)

  I'll close with a picture of Baby Abraham, whom I made the baby quilt for, featured in a previous post. He is adorable as you can see. I've adopted him as my wannabe grandbaby, since I have none at present and none in the foreseeable future. No pressure, son, seeing how you're not married yet.

  That's all for tonight. I want to get some quilting in before Downton Abby is on! Keep stitching.



  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Love the quilts, I still have a christmas tree quilt on my to do list. Making baby quilts is fun and we are expecting our second grandchild this spring, so I need to get busy with some new quilts.


  2. Love the little Christmas quilts. Happy Birthday!

  3. Ha ha I am like you Becky, no grands yet, but the occasional big hint! Hope you had a lovely birthday, your litle quilts are so cute!

  4. Happy belated birthday! You share the day with my daughter. Love your Christmas quilts ~ now you are so ready for Christmas 2016! I really enjoy my sew nights with my little group of 4, even though a lot of the time we don't get much sewing done, just nice to get together and catch up. We've been getting together for well over 10 years now and been through a lot together. Thanks for sharing your projects. HUGS... and stitches